Boho’s Top 10 Pins of The Month – November

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Last month I introduced you to a new feature; ‘Boho’s Top 10 Pins of the Month’. I LOVE Pinterest! I mean really love it! With over 90,000 followers and counting  it is the social media platform that drives more traffic to my blog than any other by a long way! I currently have 198 different boards ranging from weddings to food, to interiors to animals and everything in-between.

Each month both myself and my gorgeous side kick Kelly C will be sharing with you our top 10 Pins from the month! So you can get to know us a little better and hopefully send a little lifestyle inspiration your way!

I hope you like the feature an if you want to follow me on pinterest you can find me HERE 


Pinterest Kelly H


  • Savannah Lowery by MK Ssadler. I have always loved the ballet, when I was a little girl I wanted to be a ballet dancer, this imagine is just divine. (Pin HERE – original source HERE)
  • Where Is My Mind] Untitled 001, photography by Andrea Costantini. I just love this image, I am loving  a bit of double exposure at the moment and this takes it to the next level. (Pin HERE – Original Source HERE)


  • I have been obsessed with mac and cheese for a while now, and luckily the world has caught up. Mac and cheese is now appearing in many more restaurants as a side, I even had a mac and cheese burger last week! (Pin HERE – Orignal source HERE)
  • There has been talk recently in our household about houses and where we will move to and when. This is the kind of house I’d like to live in, so much light and space. (Pin HERE – Original source HERE)
  • Sex and the City is my all time favourite TV programme, I just love these 4 girls! and this image sums them all up perfectly. (Pin HERE – Original source HERE)




Pinterest Kelly C pose-by-susangkoger
  • Glitter Brogues. It is nearly the season for sparkly shoes. (Pin HERE – Original source HERE)
  • Romantic wedding portrait of couple in barn with photo by Daniel Aguilar This is one of my favourite images ever. It’s amazing. This photographer amazes me in every way. (Pin HERE – origonal Souce HERE)
  • Yorkshire I love you. Countryside One of my instagram images. Kelly_PJPhoto (Photo by Kelly)
  • Kate Moss with her daughter, Lila Grace. Mario Testino for Vogue US September 2011. I love Mario Testinos work and I love this image. I could stare at it forever. (Pin HERE – original source HERE)
  • Rosie Hardy. The girl who inspired me to pick up a camera. May favourite ever image she has taken. (Pin HERE – original source HERE)



I hope you like mine and Kelly’s selection, what do you think? What have you been lusting over on pinterest recently? If you fancy a follow from me then why not add your pinterest address to the comments section below, I’m always on the look out for new people to follow.

Kelly H xxx



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