Things To Do: Visit The Deep in Hull

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things to do - visit the Deep in Hull

Today I would like to tell you about a little trip I took to one of the North’s great attractions, The Deep in Hull. The Deep is a fantastic fun-filled family day out. I went with Nik, Dexter, my sister-in-law and her 1-year-old little boy and we had a fab time.

The Deep boasts a huge aquarium, containing a whopping 3,500 fish including Green sawfish, spectacular sharks, rays and a colony of Gentoo penguins. The Deep tells the amazing story of the world’s oceans through marine life, interactives and audio-visual presentations. You can also watch the divers hand feed sharks and rays each day, along with other presentations and scatter feeds at the tropical Lagoon of Light. The Deep is an environmental and conservation charity.

Today I have enlisted the help of my husband Nik to tell you more about the Deep, I will leave yo in his capable hands.

2 The Deep in Hull 3 The Deep in Hull

12 The Deep in Hull

I’ll pass you over to Nik………..

When Kelly and I first had Dexter, the big thing I was looking forward to was taking him to all the exciting places one takes their child and seeing them experience things through their open and vivid minds.
So when Kelly asked if we should go to The Deep in Hull, I jumped at the chance. We also asked Dexter’s big cuz Ted to join us. So one blustery Sunday we loaded the car with an iCandy and Bugaboo (other prams are available!) and thanked the day that I chose an estate over a saloon and made our way to Hull.

Now, the only other times I go to Hull are for work and to try and sell some insulation to some unsuspecting customers and each time I drive passed The Deep I think ‘What a nice building – wonder who did the roof on that?!’ But over the last 9 months I have thought, ‘Oooh, The Deep, cannot wait to take D Man there’!! How times change!! So, the wind was up and we were blown along the M62 with my sister questioning if I knew how to drive in a straight line? How rude.

1 The Deep in Hull
Once we arrived at The Deep, we were met with an enormous, snaking queue of people with buggies, prams and errant children – perfect! Somewhere this popular must be good!! And we weren’t disappointed!
In keeping with the surroundings, we sat down for some fish and chips and I wondered if they had come from the North Sea or from the tanks we were about to visit?!

As we entered the experience, it was clear that this was the place for me – a walk through the prehistoric section at which I wanted to stop at each station and read everything – one of my annoying traits as long as Kelly is concerned – and maybe one for Dexter in a few years!!
We were luckily in time for a feeding at the first big tank which had big colourful fish and we took Dexter out of his pram and held him up to the tank. He was slightly bemused but Ted loved it! As did I! I love all kinds of museums and having a child has given me the opportunity to explore and drag Kelly with me (she loves it really, especially the cakes!)

4 The Deep in Hull 5 The Deep in Hull

The next real station was some Penguins, again a first for Dexter. Again bemused! This was the reaction we got from most of the day from Dexter, but my reaction was one of excitement and looking forward to him being a little older (he is currently 9 months old)  and more responsive. First on the list? The Deep!

6 The Deep in Hull 7 The Deep in Hull 8 The Deep in Hull

We saw Swordfish, Sharks, Stingrays and some other fish that didn’t start with S! As we ventured around The Deep it was clear that they have all bases covered from food, experience and accessibility. Prams, wheelchairs and loose children are all accounted for and looked after. A highly enjoyable day out for all of us and cannot wait to be back with an older Dexter so he can take more in.

9 The Deep in Hull 10 The Deep in Hull

A footnote as a warning to myself – do not exit via the gift shop with Kelly Hood!!! Although we did manage to find a penguin with Dexter on it! Not a name you would normally expect to find in a gift shop. Doesn’t bode well for my wallet on future excursions does it???????

11 The Deep in Hull


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