Decoration Inspiration – Frames Wallpaper From Graham & Brown

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Decoration Inspiration - Frames Wallpaper

If you are currently undertaking a bit of home Decor, or DIY then I have the perfect thing for you, Frames Wallpaper from Graham and Brown. Graham & Brown are a leading decor design house and manufacture who have come up with this unique and stylish frames wallpaper. It looks fantastic as a statement wall, and doubles up as an art gallery for family photos, postcards and artwork  and  I just LOVE it!

Graham & Brown’s Frames wallpaper is a truly versatile design that begs for your input and creativity. It takes home décor to the next level, allowing even the least likely of artists to get involved. The wallpaper changes with the pictures you put up.

4 Frames Wallpaper From Graham & Brown

A quirky design which lets your imagination run wild, the Graham & Brown ‘Frames’ wallpaper is a fully customisable, interactive interface. Designed by Taylor & Wood, this wallpaper may look minimalist upfront, but it provides the perfect canvas for something much more exciting. Let the little ones go wild with crayons and paint, adorn your wall with family photos and memorable moments, or even paint your own designs.’

‘This gorgeous wallpaper gives you the option of creating a look and feel that is personal to you. How you decorate this design is completely up to you and that’s the beauty of this wallpaper. Instead of florals or stripes, you’ll have your very own mural to feature whatever or whoever you want. You can be as abstract as you like and unleash your inner artist. It’s often hard to find the balance between bold prints and simple subtle styles; ‘Frames’ gives you the best of both worlds.’ 

2 Frames Wallpaper From Graham & Brown

‘The hand-drawn frame pattern gives this wallpaper a subtle childlike innocence, blending in well if used for a children’s playroom or bedroom. A paper that is smooth without texture, making it the perfect canvas for an array of materials. Sturdy once dry, this resilient design can hold up following an afternoon of creative crafting.

‘Don’t be afraid to use this away from the kids’ room. Frames can be used extremely effectively for a family photo feature wall in your living room or bathroom. You could even invite friends and family around to help curate images and write captions or messages across your wall art.’

3 Frames Wallpaper From Graham & Brown


  • The wallpaper can be purchased at  www.grahambrown.com and at the moment it is reduced from £18 to £14.40 per roll! 





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