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Real Homes

I told you about the hate for my old bathroom in a past post, and I promised you the before and after pictures of our bathroom project that we undertook a month or so ago. Well today they are here.

We moved into our house 7 years ago and at the time the bathroom was by far my least favorite room. A bright blue colour with horrible blue tiles and no bath. It’s saving grace was the shower was a pretty good power shower with lots of different jet nozzles. The room however was tiny and the size of the shower really restricted the air moving about the room, which led to horrible black patches in the grouting. We put off re doing it as we just couldn’t decide whether we should move the bathroom to a different room to give us more space. However when I found out I was pregnant it gave us the motivation to get it done. We talked about colours and designs and I put together some ideas on Pinterest. We wanted it to look good but at the same time not spend a fortune as we are hoping to move in a couple of years. The main thing is we wanted it to be clean, modern and have a bath. Nik got to work sourcing bathroom suppliers and I concentrated on the little bits and bobs.

Real Homes - My bathroom before and after

Real Homes - My bathroom before and after-11

As you can see our old bathroom was pretty horrible, it’s actually embarrassing showing you these photos, Id forgotten how terrible it was, but as I say the shower was good and strong and it got us clean.

Real Homes - My bathroom before and after-4

Real Homes - My bathroom before and after-5

However I LOVE our new bathroom. Nik did well at sourcing a great supplier, a new shop round the corner from us that was offering 40% off. We went for a simple white suite. We also brought in a mate of Nik’s who is a plumber who did an amazing job. The whole thing took 2 and haf days and then we painted afterwards.

2014-01-24 12.09.18

We decided to keep the whole room as light and bright as possible and paint the walls white. We also decided against tiles and used Tetratlyn instead, sheets of waterproof covering that goes straight onto the walls. I love the design we chose as it has bits og glitter in it that really show up nicely under the spot lights. We finished it all off with more glitter and sparkle accessories from Next and decided on grey as an accent colour for the flooring and the towels. 

Real Homes - My bathroom before and after-10

Real Homes - My bathroom before and after-9

Real Homes - My bathroom before and after-12

I am really chuffed with the finished result. It has actually made the bathroom a lot bigger by removing the shower which we are delighted about. It is a lot roomier and there is a lot more air circulating now, so no more black mold on the tiles. My favorite bits are the taps and the glitter toothbrush and toothpaste holders. It will also be the perfect little haven to bathe our baby boy in. For now Nik is doing a pretty good job of soaking in the tub, one of his favorite hobbies.

Real Homes - My bathroom before and after-13

Real Homes - My bathroom before and after-7

So Id love to hear what you think, it couldn’t look much worse than before could it!

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