My Little Man – Dexter: 2 – 8 Weeks

Author: Boho

Dexter Hood, who knew such a small human, could have such an effect on me! Dexter is now 10 weeks old and it seems only yesterday that I was coming back from the hospital with him. The last 10 weeks have been amazing, they have flown past but I have enjoyed every minute with him.
I never really thought I would be particularly maternal but I have managed to prove myself wrong, the love a mother feels for their child is amazing and something I am enjoying every day.

Luckily we have been blessed with a really good baby, he is so relaxed and mild-mannered he just sleeps, relaxes and smiles. Everyone has commented on what a contented baby he is, and for that I am truly thankful!
What I have struggled with though, as I’m sure many working mums do, is the balancing act of trying to fit home, baby and work together. Although I have been on maternity leave there has still been quite a bit I have needed to do to the blog to keep it up and running while I have been off.  I have found myself in the office far more than I imagined and at times quite frustrated with my workload compared with how I imagined my maternity leave to be. However this has made the time I have with Dexter even more special and made me realise that every moment I have with him is precious.

1 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks

Leading up to the pregnancy everyone tells you about the bad points, how much the birth will hurt, the lack of sleep, the lack of ‘me’ time. However what they fail to tell you is how totally amazing being a mum will be. Dexter has made me smile more than I have smiled before, he has made me relax more and taught me to chill out and accept that sometimes things don’t go to plan and accept that some things just have to get done another day! He has learnt to smile, to grab, and to focus on us as we walk in a room; I even got a giggle out of him the other day. All these amazing firsts and continued development just makes me appreciate every moment and gives me a new purpose to my day. To wake up and see his smiling face beaming at me as he recognises my face as ‘mummy’ fills me with so much joy sometimes I feel I may burst!

So today I wanted to share with you a few more photos of my baby boy, I have already shared with you my first 2 weeks with him, so here is week 2 to week 8. The rest still need editing, so I’m sure there will be more posts like this to follow.

2 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks

4 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks

3 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks 5 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks 6 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks 7 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks 8 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks 9 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks 10 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks 11 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks 12 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks 13 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks 14 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks 15 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks 16 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks 17 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks 18 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks 19 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks 20 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks 21 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks 22 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks 23 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks 24 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks 25 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks 26 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks 27 Dexter 2 - 8 Weeks


Big Boho Baby Love

Kelly xx



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  1. Sarah H

    Hey Kelly,
    Gorgeous photos. Cannot wait to see you both again. I need more cuddles!
    Hope you’re all well, still thinking of you and praying for Dee. Speak soon, Sarah XXXXXX

  2. Gav Forster

    Just gorgeous. My littleun is 7 weeks old today and so much of this rang a bell with us. On one hand I can’t believe she’s already 7 weeks old yet on the other I can’t really remember life without her!


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