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Real Homes

A few weeks ago I shared with you my before and after bathroom project. I love looking at people’s homes, yes I admit I’m noisy but I think it’s really interesting to chart progress and what better way  than showing work before and after. I asked you to send in your own home projects  and I was really pleased with the response!
I have some wonderful renovation projects coming up on the blog starting with this 4 Bedroom Victorian House project from Ruth Terry. Ruth has sent me in numerous photos of each of the rooms her and her partner have worked on and believe me they have been very busy! Today we are looking at one of the 4 bedrooms; The Blue room!

before and after

Background on the house itself…

When we first viewed what is now our home, we fell in love with its original Victorian features, huge rooms and high ceilings. It needed some love and attention as well as work in every room so we purchased this, our first house, in July of 2011 and decided to take it room by room doing everything we possibly could ourselves! Mike even did a plastering course before we moved in so he was then able to plaster every room which probably saved us a small fortune!

  • It’s a three storey, 4 bedroom, terraced house in Nottingham.
  • We officially ‘finished’ the house January 2014, we’ll be focusing on getting the garden done this summer. 


The Blue Bedroom

This room is actually our third smallest bedroom believe it or not! We’re so lucky to have so much space in each room! We sleep in this room in the winter as it can get a little chilly in the main bedroom cos it’s so big.
It took us about a month to finish this room which was around 4 weekends worth of work including stripping the walls and Mike plastering the walls and ceiling. I then painted, we sanded the floorboards and varnished them and we took off all the skirting, stripped it, repainted it and glued it back onto the walls, repainted the window and installed the column radiator. To add a little more character to the room, we installed coving, it was the first time we’d ever done this so it took us a whole weekend to complete!


We wanted this room to have an old fashioned feel to it so we found a great old wardrobe and chest of drawers in an antique shop in Nottingham, we bartered and got both for £300. It was a struggle getting it up the stairs as it’s so heavy, it took four grown men to get it where it is now!


The bedside table was a very recent purchase from a charity shop around the corner from our house, I saw it in the window and knew it would complete the room, I got it for £10. The bedcovers are from Next and the ornament of the lady with flowers was given to me by my Granddad when I was very young. I always knew I could find a place for it.

4 Bedroom 2 image 2

I found the bird print above the bed on a website called allposters.co.uk.  We got the vintage mirror from a charity shop in Nottingham for £16


Ruth will be back in a few weeks time to share with us another room renovation. 


  • I’d love to feature your home on the blog, if you have a restoration project or a new room you would like to show off then please email me [email protected]





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