Gig Review: Ben Howard

Gig Review

It’s not often I get to go out these days, since I had Dexter baby free nights are a thing of the past. However there is one man I will make the exception for and that is Ben Howard. I have been a massive fan for years now, ever since he released Every Kingdom in 2011 I have been following hs progression and playing his music constantly. From winning 2 Brit awards at the beginning of 2013 to his amazing set at Glastonbury the same year.
Altohugh my love of music has mainly be based in dance for most of my life, Ben Howard does something to me, his music resonates, it touches you and for that reason it has become the soundtrack  to my life. Every song has a meaning to it and has followed me around for the past few years. I’m not one to sit back and relax I’m not what you would call a chilled person, however his music does just that, it calms me and gives me head space when I am feeling stressed. For that reason his album Evey Kingdom and the The Burgh Island E.P. were played on loop while I was in labour with Dexter, it chilled me out and kept me calm, so I will always hold his music close to my heart.
With his release of  I Forgot Where We Wee in October last year, I was again hooked!

1 ben-howard-live-tierney-photography-101 ben-howard-live-tierney-photography-103

When I found out he was going on a long-awaited tour I knew I had to book tickets straight away, and that is what I did, firstly for Wolverhampton in December of last year and then again for Leeds last week in Leeds. Both gigs were amazing, everything I had wished for and more. Wolverhampton was a much smaller venue and in my opinion lended itself better to Ben’s intimate style, he interacted with the crowd more and seemed more relaxed as a performer. Leeds was in comparison much bigger, an arena gig which was different to the first Wolverhampton gig. Non the less still fantastic and I found I could really loose myself in the music and let myself go more. (more…)



Be:Fit London – Pick Up Everything You Need to Stay Fit & Healthy all in One Place.

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Fitness seems to be high on most peoples agendas these days.  I know it is high on mine and in general people these days are more conscious about what they eat, what exercise they take and in general they want to keep as fit as possible.  Today I am pleased to bring you more information about this great event that is taking place in London this very weekend.  It is called Be:Fit and it really does look great.  Please do check out their website for more information.

27006 Be Fit London 2015 Logo Splash v2_Dated

More information about the event.

Imagine beating the stop watch. Imagine snatching the bar in the weight room. Imagine glowing. Imagine strength. Imagine confidence.  Imagine 15,000 women becoming healthier & happier. Join the movement.
Commit to becoming the best version of yourself and be part of Be:Fit London 2015. Learn from a dream team of experts, get toned with London’s master trainers in the fitness studio, explore over 125 hand picked brands and discover how to reach your goals.

Be:Fit London


Meet the Be:Fit London Ambassadors

Be:Fit London is giving exclusive access to two of the UKs Olympic greats.
Athletic’s golden girl, supermum and broadcaster Denise Lewis will reveal her secrets to staying in shape, keeping a work/life balance and staying motivated and giving fans the chance to personally ask their burning questions.
On Friday 1 May visitors will have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet the UK’s most successful ever swimmer, Rebecca Adlington! Becky will be chatting with fans, sharing her training tips and how she maintains her Olympic body, plus what’s next in store following her retirement from the sport.  You’d be crazy to miss these money can’t buy experiences.

Be:Fit London (more…)



Real Families: Family Photography from Alex Knight Photography

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How did Monday come around so quickly?  I had such a great weekend.  On Saturday I was at the most beautiful wedding and yesterday I spend the full day with the family.  We went shopping, for a walk and finished the weekend by treating ourselves to the most amazing Sunday lunch.  What a perfect weekend!

Today we have this fantastic family shoot to share with you with big thanks to Alex Knight Photography.

Alex Knight Family Photography Alex Knight Family Photography Alex Knight Family Photography

A few words from the family

We had wondered about having some portraits done for some time, and decided the time was right when our youngest was able to sit un-aided and interact with the rest of the family.  Our default thought was to go down the traditional portrait route, but having reviewed the options with
Alex and Sophie decided that their more relaxed approach was the way to go.  We are delighted with the results, the children were relaxed in an environment they are comfortable with and we have managed to get some great individual as well as family shots. (more…)



Fashion & Beauty: 10 Essential Items For The Summer all Under £40

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What absolutely gorgeous weather we have been having this week! The sun has been shining here in Yorkshire all week. I was so unprepared for the glorious weather we have been blessed with and I had to order a few essential items from the internet. Today I thought I would share with you some of the items I found on the internet all for below £40 and some I already have as I think these are some of the items you really should have for the summer.
Are there any summer essentials that I haven’t shared that you would like to share.  What are your favourite summer items?  We would love to hear more about them in the comment box below.

 Top 10 Essential Items for the Summer


A beautiful summer Scent from Jo Malone £40 *30mls is £40 – Image Source

Essential Items For The Summer

A beautiful necklace that would make any plain coloured top look fabulous from Warehouse £20 – Image Source

Essential Items For The Summer

A gorgeous Boho Bag.  I love this bag and I can’t wait for it to arrive from Warehouse £30 – Image Source (more…)



Book Review: The Cuckoo’s Calling – Robert Galbraith (AKA JK Rowling)

book review

We have come to that mid week point on the blog and today I am delighted to be able to hand the blog over to a very special person in my life, my husband Nik. Nik has been away from the blog for a while, Dexter has been keeping him busy with Daddy duties. However I managed to steal a bit of his time so he could make a welcome return to the blog with a book review for you all. Today he is reviewing The Cookoo’s Calling, so lets see what he made of it!

The Cuckoo’s Calling – Robert Galbraith

Hello there, me again, Nik the Reviewer (not as pithy a superhero name as I coveted as a young boy!) Here to save the world from boring films, books or TV series! I should think of a costume next. Perhaps something lime green in keeping with my obsession of all things that colour? Tights a must but no vest, not with my ‘guns’…… Knots in cotton as others used to say! I suppose the closest I can get in literary senses to my favourite colour is the cover for my Kobo Aura H2O e-reader (others are available) which, as the name suggests, is waterproof and therefore readable in the bath, by the pool, near a 10 month baby, you get the idea. As a self-confessed early adopter, I must admit that the e-reader was something I had avoided as I loved the tangible-ness of a book, knowing how far you had got and the smell of the pages adding to the experience of reading. However, for Christmas last year I decided to bite the bullet and ask Santa for one.

I must have been a good boy as on Xmas day, there it was; my very first e-reader. And wow, what an investment. I haven’t stopped reading since then and was really neglecting books prior to this.

I have set myself a new goal to alternate between fiction and fact and the book I am going to review this month is the debut novel of an author called Robert Galbraith (look away now if you do not want the spoiler……), The Cuckoo’s Calling. If I tell you that this debut novelist is actually one of the most successful British book sellers (no, not Jamie Oliver, the other one) and that previous books have been turned in to films, TV shows, theme park rides and other huge merchandise (again, not Jamie Oliver………) but JK Rowling using her first nom de plume! Sadly, the cat was out of the bag some time ago when some staffer at the publishers leaked the information! Shame, as now this is probably the reason you will either read or not read this book.


As an adult male when the Harry Potter books came out, I have not read a single page of the series, nor have I seen any second of the films. For this, I am extremely proud as these books are aimed at children!!!!! That being said, I have always wondered what the fuss over JK is and was pleasantly surprised when I read The Casual Vacancy, her first book aimed squarely at adults.
So, as it was fiction this time, I had a look at the app (obviously!) and downloaded from the recommendations page The Cuckoo’s Calling – you don’t get that with a book! The Cuckoo’s Calling is a crime thriller / comedy / sign of the times novel, broaching each genre with aplomb. It is not surprising to me that JK Rowling has sold many books – she is an excellent writer! (more…)



Real Families: Family Photography – A Day in the Woods, by Christy Blanch

real families-2

I know that I mention it about every family post we show all our Boho Life readers and sometimes I feel like a broken record but it is so important to document your family’s life. Life goes by so fast and children grow up so quick! Documenting these early days can bring back lovely memories when looking at them in years to come. Thanks to Christy Blanch Photography for sharing this family shoot with us today.

Family Photography Family Photography Family Photography

A few words from Christy the Photographer…..

I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Stroud, Gloucestershire. My kids are 4 and 6 and one of their favorite places to go locally is The Play Trail at Woodchester Mansion.
Woodchester Mansion is a great day out for the whole family. The mansion is an adandoned 19th century Victorian Gothic manor house. It is tucked away in a secluded Cotswold valley.
A play trail has been created within the valley. The play trail is free and you follow the blue markers from the car park. It is £3 to park the car there all day. The trail in length is 3km in length and usually takes us an hour to an hour and a half. There is a well maintained path around the trail. As you walk around it you will discover bridges, beams, a see-saw, swings, musical logs, hopscotch, zip wire and logs.