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Gig Review

It’s not often I get to go out these days, since I had Dexter baby free nights are a thing of the past. However there is one man I will make the exception for and that is Ben Howard. I have been a massive fan for years now, ever since he released Every Kingdom in 2011 I have been following hs progression and playing his music constantly. From winning 2 Brit awards at the beginning of 2013 to his amazing set at Glastonbury the same year.
Altohugh my love of music has mainly be based in dance for most of my life, Ben Howard does something to me, his music resonates, it touches you and for that reason it has become the soundtrack  to my life. Every song has a meaning to it and has followed me around for the past few years. I’m not one to sit back and relax I’m not what you would call a chilled person, however his music does just that, it calms me and gives me head space when I am feeling stressed. For that reason his album Evey Kingdom and the The Burgh Island E.P. were played on loop while I was in labour with Dexter, it chilled me out and kept me calm, so I will always hold his music close to my heart.
With his release of  I Forgot Where We Wee in October last year, I was again hooked!

1 ben-howard-live-tierney-photography-101 ben-howard-live-tierney-photography-103

When I found out he was going on a long-awaited tour I knew I had to book tickets straight away, and that is what I did, firstly for Wolverhampton in December of last year and then again for Leeds last week in Leeds. Both gigs were amazing, everything I had wished for and more. Wolverhampton was a much smaller venue and in my opinion lended itself better to Ben’s intimate style, he interacted with the crowd more and seemed more relaxed as a performer. Leeds was in comparison much bigger, an arena gig which was different to the first Wolverhampton gig. Non the less still fantastic and I found I could really loose myself in the music and let myself go more.

ben-howard-live-tierney-photography-104 ben-howard-live-tierney-photography-105 ben-howard-live-tierney-photography-106

There are many artsis who are better live, it seems that recording them dosn’t do their talent justice and Ben Howard is one of them. What he can do live is absolutely out of this world, he pulls you in and takes you on a musical journey with each track, something that not many artists can do. It doesn’t matter if you are a huge fan of his work or not, you just have to be a fan of music to appreciate his live show. Nik came with me and admittedly he had only listened to his new album once before the show in December but he was absolutely blown away. The sound, the visuals (the light show was pretty damn wonderful) all go to make an amazing experience and one I hope to repeat very soon.

ben-howard-live-tierney-photography-107 ben-howard-live-tierney-photography-109 ben-howard-live-tierney-photography-110

If you get the chance to see Ben Howard do it! His live tour dates can be found HERE. He is also playing at radio 1’s Big weekend this weekend, along with Glastonbury in June.

Absolutely Bloody awesome! thanks Ben for 2 amazing gigs, I will be back to see you again very soon.


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  • Big Thanks to Mark Tierney who was also at the Leeds gig fo these amazing photos

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