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Today we are talking all about Interior Trends – Decoration Inspiration.  Monica from Shop Ostanding shares with us her predictions for the upcoming year.  I have to say that I really love the 2015 Pantone colour of the year.


I will pass the blog to Monica to tell you more… 

Interior Trends everyone can follow

People with an aesthetic sense in interior decoration and even those who are professional designers are always hunting for new ideas to reinvent, transform or come up with something new in décor. Like any other field with any relation to creativity, design and aesthetics, interior designing also follows certain trends. These trends keep up upgrading, evolving and repeating themselves, giving designer and general décor lovers a reason to keep their constant search for perfection thriving. When we talk about trends, there is always something new replacing the old and changing the look of various spaces. Similarly, there are some trends which find a way to come back in vogue. When once interior decoration or home décor only meant organizing everything in an orderly manner and just giving the respective space a neat look, this general perception has changed altogether in modern times.

Décor trends for 2015 bring us a mixture of almost all of our favorite styles. From contemporary mixed with modern, classy yet luxurious, bold yet serene, easily adaptable and extremely versatile; these trends are a treat for everyone.


The New Black

Decoration Trends
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When you talk about décor trends, the first question designers tend to answer is which colors are trending. For 2015, pantone has declared Marsala as the color of the year, and we must say it’s hot and should definitely be a part of your décor.
Apart from Marsala, there is a certain shift from dull and boring colors to bright and vibrant. Turquoise, Greek blue, olive green, orange are now a part of most modern decors. Designers when toning down the vibrancy mix and match these colors with pastel or neutral color pallets, making them look serene yet striking.


Furnish it Trendy
Decoration Trends

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Neutral or wooden shades are still going strong in furniture trends with a minimalistic approach in their design. Furnishing trends look more like modern meets classic with velvet and wood back in style. There’s however a luxurious modern touch given to contemporary, old style furnishing. Metallic, edgy furniture and accessories are the in thing for interior décor as they don’t leave any space without something looking like a piece of art.


Proper with Copper

Decoration Trends
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Copper has emerged as a hot new trending alternative for metal lovers. The color is soft yet intriguing and obviously has all metallic characteristics. You can use this in furnishing, accessories or in any way you think it can be used. Adding a hint of something copper and rose gold will transform the overall look and feel of your interior decoration. Not just it looks glamorous but maintains levels of elegance within the entire ambiance.


Walls that talk

Decoration Trends
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Gone are the days, when you would just paint your entire home in one color or just some particular colors and would think your décor is complete. A décor is incomplete without a proper wall treatment. Your walls are literally a canvas you can convert into an a master piece with some vibrant colors. There are a variety of designs available in wall paper or even in general wall jobs, which you can choose from and let your walls do the talking.
These are some of the basic trends that can be easily followed without having to look search around and then find something you can’t follow. Have fun decorating your home all trendy and perfect!

  • Monica is a passionate blogger for Ostanding a custom Roller and Roman Shade Dealer.
  • Follow @ShopOstanding for more updates.

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  1. Miathewindowcleaner

    I love matching copper with other metals! I’m not sure about the Marsala trend, though. I cannot imagine having Marsala walls! Maybe I’ll try to incorporate it by adding a rug or some pillows on the sofa.


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