Real Families: Family Photography at Home and on the Beach. By Sarah Morris

Author: Kelly C

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Hello everyone. Happy Wednesday to you all. I hope you are all well and staying safe in this snowy and windy weather. Today we have this beautiful family shoot from Sarah Morris. These images were taken in the family home and then the family went to the beach to have some fun. I love these images they are so lovely and natural and the family look like they have had so much fun.

Sarah Morris Photography_0002 Sarah Morris Photography_0006 Sarah Morris Photography_0012

A few words from the family

‘Working with Sarah really was a fantastic experience. She took the most beautiful shots of our family and the result was a real sense of ‘us’ captured at that moment in time. I get pleasure from our family photographs every time I see them around my home, and I expect I always will. If you’re looking for an exceptional photographer to capture those all-important moments, who seems to work effortlessly, but knocks the most superb shots out of the park – then look no further’

Squires family (37 of 50) Sarah Morris Photography_0003 Sarah Morris Photography_0007 Sarah Morris Photography_0005 Sarah Morris Photography_0009 Sarah Morris Photography_0008 Sarah Morris Photography_0010 Sarah Morris Photography_0014 Sarah Morris Photography_0015 Sarah Morris Photography_0016 Sarah Morris Photography_0025 Sarah Morris Photography_0018 Sarah Morris Photography_0026 Sarah Morris Photography_0020 Sarah Morris Photography_0021 Sarah Morris Photography_0023 Sarah Morris Photography_0022 Sarah Morris Photography_0024 Sarah Morris Photography_0017 Sarah Morris Photography_0029 Sarah Morris Photography_0030 Sarah Morris Photography_0031 Sarah Morris Photography_0032 Sarah Morris Photography_0033 Sarah Morris Photography_0034 Sarah Morris Photography_0035 Sarah Morris Photography_0036


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