Life With Baby Dexter: 2 Months – 6 Months

Author: Boho

It’s been a while since I wrote about Dexter, although I realise that I fill my social media with pictures of him nearly every day! Over the holidays I at last managed to grab a bit of time to edit the 100s of photos I have taken of him over the last few months. Last time I wrote he was 2 months old, so today I thought I’d share with you Dexter from 2 months – 6 months.

The last 6 months have been crazy, but the best 6 months of my life. They have been tiring and still are, being a working mum is HARD work! However Dexter is an absolute angel, if you could mail order a baby Dexter is what you would get. He sleeps for 12 hours a night and has done from around week 12, he went into his own room after 3 months, simply because he was too big for his mosses basket. He is very sociable, especially around the ladies! He laughs all the time and constantly has a massive smile on his face!

He is contented, happy, playful, cheeky, very strong and at 6 months has gained his own personality and I just love him to bits!

Don’t get me wrong the whole becoming a mother has been a huge learning curve, but what I have learnt is to use my own intuition. All the books in the world can’t tell you how to raise a baby only you know how to look after your own child! Dexter has given us many challenges and as he changes on a weekly basis so does what he requires from us as parents.

1 Dexter 2 - 6 months 2 Dexter 2 - 6 months

At 6 months he is now sitting up but only for a few seconds untended but I recon in a couple of weeks he would have nailed it! He is rolling over constantly (nappy changing is now a bloody nightmare) he has two front teeth and another one coming through. We have started weaning which wasn’t going to well but we dedicated some proper time to it over Christmas and he seems to be getting the hang of it now! He grabs EVERYTHING! My hair, necklace mugs of tea, wine, beer, and my phone he LOVES! Anything we have in our hands he wants. He also gives the best cuddles ever, never have I felt so loved as when his little hands are clawing into my arms as he holds me tightly and as when he puts his head on my chest when he is tired!

We managed to get Dexter into a routine pretty much from day one, and because of this it has been pretty easy to plan to do stuff. He comes out with us all the time, to restaurants bars, and his is always an absolute angel! We wanted him to fit around us as much as we need to fit around his routine and so far this is going well.

Dexter goes to lots of baby groups and especially like’s baby Yoga, he loves playing with fabric, loves anything sparkly and won’t go to bed without his toy duck. He meets up with is best mate Freddy on a regular basis, they go swimming with their dads on a Saturday and me and his mum Sarah do lots of things during the week together.

Dexter has become my little friend, we go everywhere together! My fear of being out on my own in public has gone as I always have my little mate with me! He is a right chatter box, constantly gibbering away to himself and we love to chat together.

Nik has been an absolute angel and shares the child care with me as much as he can. I have Dexter on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays in the day and then Nik looks after him in the evening when he gets back from work so I can work. He then goes to his Nan’s on a Tuesday and Thursday while I work and Nik has him on a Saturday. Sunday is family day where no one works we just have fun together. I think the biggest adjustment I’ve had to make is the work, life, baby issue. There never seems enough hours in the day for everything, I am So lucky that 1) Dexter is  a really good baby and 2) Nik is an amazing husband who pretty much does all the cooking and all the cleaning, plus looks after Dexter as much as he can (he deserves a medal!)

The last 6 months have been absolutely amazing, making 2014 the best year of my life! This year Dexter turns 1 and Nik and I couldn’t be more excited. Seeing him grow up and develop each day, week and month has been so amazing. He learns something new every day and as he learns we adapt to him as he changes. He has gone from a tiny baby to a cheeky boy in what seems a flash! I really couldn’t wish for a better baby than Dexter, he has brighten up my world and made me appreciate that there is more to life than work. He has opened my eyes and made me see that life is for living!

I love my family with all my heart and Dexter has put the cherry on the cake of a very happy life!

3 Dexter 2 - 6 months 4 Dexter 2 - 6 months 5 Dexter 2 - 6 months 6 Dexter 2 - 6 months 7 Dexter 2 - 6 months 8 Dexter 2 - 6 months 9 Dexter 2 - 6 months 10 Dexter 2 - 6 months 11 Dexter 2 - 6 months 12 Dexter 2 - 6 months 13 Dexter 2 - 6 months 14 Dexter 2 - 6 months 15 Dexter 2 - 6 months 16 Dexter 2 - 6 months 17 Dexter 2 - 6 months 18 Dexter 2 - 6 months 19 Dexter 2 - 6 months 20 Dexter 2 - 6 months 21 Dexter 2 - 6 months 22 Dexter 2 - 6 months 23 Dexter 2 - 6 months 24 Dexter 2 - 6 months 25 Dexter 2 - 6 months 26 Dexter 2 - 6 months 27 Dexter 2 - 6 months 28 Dexter 2 - 6 months 29 Dexter 2 - 6 months 30 Dexter 2 - 6 months 31 Dexter 2 - 6 months 32 Dexter 2 - 6 months 33 Dexter 2 - 6 months 34 Dexter 2 - 6 months 35 Dexter 2 - 6 months 36 Dexter 2 - 6 months 37 Dexter 2 - 6 months 38 Dexter 2 - 6 months 39 Dexter 2 - 6 months 40 Dexter 2 - 6 months 41 Dexter 2 - 6 months 42 Dexter 2 - 6 months 43 Dexter 2 - 6 months 44 Dexter 2 - 6 months 45 Dexter 2 - 6 months 46 Dexter 2 - 6 months 47 Dexter 2 - 6 months 48 Dexter 2 - 6 months 49 Dexter 2 - 6 months 50 Dexter 2 - 6 months 51 Dexter 2 - 6 months 52 Dexter 2 - 6 months


I will be back in a few months’ time with another Dexter update. (When I’ve had time to edit the next batch of photos!)


Big Boho Baby Love

Kelly xx



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