Real Families: Family Photography at Home. By Silverstar Photographic

Author: Kelly C

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Good Morning all! How are we all today? We are all well here at Boho HQ. Today we have some gorgeous family images kindly shared with us from Silverstar Photographic. I love family shoots. Having a child myself I know how important it is to document them from day one as they grow so fast! I am sure Matilda will love looking at these when she is older.

Silverstar Photographic Family Shoot Real Families

A few words from the parents Jeannette and Huw

We booked the shoot with Michelle when Matilda was 10 weeks old because we wanted to make an album for my mum for her birthday. My mum did the same for my grandma when I was born and my grandma thought it would be nice if we did the same for her to continue the tradition. Michelle was amazing. She just captured our interactions with Matilda in a very natural way. We did not feel like we had to pose at all and I think it shows in the pictures. Matilda gave us lots of smiles during the shoot and has continued to do so ever since. She is 4 month old now and loves nothing more that giggling and playing with her mums nose. – Jeannette, Huw and Matilda.

A few words from Silverstar Photographic

The shoot was in my home town of Knowle in Solihull and in their family home. It was nice to shoot them in their own surroundings, this made Matilda feel more at ease. The family were absolutely lovely and a few minutes before I was due to leave Matilda screamed the house down so I was very lucky to catch her at her best that day.

Silverstar Photographic

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