Top Tips for Looking After your Pets on Bonfire Night

Author: Kelly C

Looking After your Pets on Bonfire Night

Happy Bonfire Night to everyone! Kelly C Here. The 5th of November is upon us. Where are you choosing to go this Bonfire Night? Paul, Fearne and I are heading over to Roundhay Park in Leeds to enjoy Bonfire Night there. I am hoping there will be parkin, toffee apples and pie+peas. This year Fearne has actually asked to watch some fireworks. The other years we haven’t really made much effort on Bonfire Night because she has always been too scared.

Talking about scared, Kelly and I thought it would be a good idea to share some of our top tips to keep your pets safe this Bonfire Night. We have also added a few useful links at the bottom. I am so lucky that my pup Daisy doesn’t really bother about fireworks on Bonfire Night but I know from having pets from a young age it can be a really stressful time.


Our Top Tips

  • Make sure your pet is able to hide somewhere. If your pet feels safe under the kitchen table or a sofa make sure that it is clear and safe for them to hideaway.
  • Try to walk dogs during the daylight hours and keep cats in from the morning on Bonfire Night and give them access to a litter tray so they are able to do their ‘business’ without being stressed.
Staffordshire Bull Terrier

(Photo Paul Joseph Photography)

  • Do not be scared of fireworks yourself. Try your best to ignore them. Pets are aware of your behaviour.
  • Do not over fuss your pet or ignore them. Just try to act as normal as possible. If you start changing your behaviour towards them it may cause stress anxiety.

(Photo by Courtney Louise Photography)

  • Close all the windows and make sure all doors to the outside are locked shut. Make sure the TV/music is on to try to drown out the noise from the fireworks.
  • If they try to hide then let them as trying to coax them out of their hiding place/den may stress them a little. If they feel sage hiding let them!


(Photo by  Derryn Semple)

  • Thunder shirt. I have heard so many great reviews about this cosy little coat for your pets.
  • Praise your pet when s/he is calm. This helps them understand that they are ok and there is no need to be frightened.

(Photo by Zephyr & Luna)

  • Dont shout at them. Pets don’t know what is going on and shouting at them could stress them out more. Try to remain a calm and show that there is no need to be scared.
  • Try to keep pets in all day in case they don’t come home when they should do. This may be more difficult if you have a cat. You could try to persuade them with a treat.

(Photo By Laura Parker)

  • If you have a cat why not try cat nip. Our furry friends go crazy for this.
  • Don’t hold fireworks displays at your own house if you have animals that are scared by fireworks. Their home is their safe place.
  • Always check empty boxes and crates around bonfires before lighting as animals may be hiding in them.

(Photo by Yvonne Lishman)


Kelly and I hope this information has been useful for you and your beloved pets. Happy Bonfire night and stay safe!


A few other useful links. 

Woodgreen Animal Charity – Pet Fiework Safety
RSPCA – Firworks
Vets Now – Bonfire and Firework Safety


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