Happy Halloween!

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happy halloween

For many years I have never celebrated Halloween, But this year is different. Now we have Dexter every holiday, celebration or anything worth remembering in the calendar has suddenly become a much bigger deal! I have been forced to stop and take stock of what is going on around me instead of being locked in my office 6 days week. So this evening the Hood household will be donning our costumes and masks and having a Happy Halloween celebration. Granted Dexter is only 4 months so doesn’t actually have any idea what is going on, but never the less we are going to get into the spirit of it all. I am already looking forward to next year, when he is bigger when I can throw a full on Halloween party. However I’m not wishing the time away tonight we are going to make the most of how small and cute he is and have a lovely evening with family.

2 baby in pumpkin outfit 1 baby in pumpkin outfit


So Happy Halloween everyone! 

Kelly, Nik and Dexter! 


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