Boho’s Top 10 Pins of The Month – October

Author: Boho

Today I would like to share with you a new feature; ‘Boho’s Top 10 Pins of the Month’. As many of you will know I LOVE Pinterest! I mean really love it! With over 71,000 followers it is the social media platform that drives more traffic to my blog than any other by a long way! I currently have 198 different boards ranging from weddings to food, to interiors to animals and everything in-between.

Each month both myself and my gorgeous side kick Kelly will be sharing with you our top 10 Pins from the month! So you can get to know us a little better and hopefully send a little lifestyle inspiration your way!

I hope you like the feature an if you want to follow me on pinterest you can find me HERE 

Pinterest Kelly H


  • As you probably know I LOVE cats, just love them, so this little cartoon really made me smile (Pin HERE – Original Source HERE )


  • I also LOVE cake, and I have pinned a lot of cake this month ut this one really stood out, it just looks so simple yet totally delicious! (Pin HERE – Original Source HERE)


  • Everyone loves a cocktail, right? Well I need one of these n my life right now! doesn’t it look tempting! (Pin HERE – original Source HERE)


  • I am a big photography fan, I try my best to take a decent photo but I still have a long way to go, so when I saw this photo from Rebecca Caridad I knew I had to share it with you. (Pin HERE – original Source HERE)

living room

  • I do love a bit of interior design, I’m not very good at it but all the ame I do like scouting around for lovely room inspiration and this ne really caught my eye! ( Pin HERE – original Source HERE )


Pinterest Kelly C

kelly 1

  • Caught my eye and I REALLY want to do this at home ( Pin HERE – Original Source HERE)

kelly 2

  • Ryan Gosling…Just because he makes me smile! ( Pin HERE – original Source HERE )

kelly 3

  • I have been looking at ideas for Fearne (my daughter) and I totally LOVE this idea. So unique (Pin HERE – Original Source HERE)

kelly 4

  • My third week of being in Wedding land feels a little like this. ( Pin HERE – Original Source HERE )

kelly 5

  • I have been looking for mustard tights a lot oat the moment with it being winter and I stumbles across this gorgeous outfit. (Pin HERE – original Source HERE)


I hope you like mine and Kelly’s selection, what do you think? What have you been lusting over on pinterest recently? If you fancy a follow from me then why not add your pinterest address to the comments section below, I’m always on the look out for new people to follow.

Kelly H xxx



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