Before The Baby: Binky Nixon’s Maternity Shoot

Author: Kelly C

before the baby

On this cold and wet Tuesday we have the most gorgeous images to share with you courtesy of Sally Forder for Binky Nixon Photography. We are big fans of Binky here at Boho. Kelly has worked with her personally on some fab weddings and we just adore her beautiful photography! Binky has been on the blog before talking about her family photography and now she is here today to introduce us to her own future family! When she sent us these images through we were so excited and with only a couple of weeks to go before her due date, we thought now was the perfect time to share them with you.  The gorgeous colours, the gender reveal cake, the huge smiles from Binky and Daz and the love and emotion is just beautiful!

I will hand over the blog to Binky to tell you more about her pregnancy and her shoot…..


At just over 8months pregnant I can still remember so vividly the day I told Daz we were expecting a baby. The feeling of excitement, apprehension and happiness all rolled into one. I knew a new chapter of our lives had already begun and we were setting off on a journey of the unknown. Only going on what friends have told you about their own experiences, you start off not really knowing much at all. One thing I did know is that although its all fresh and raw in my mind now, time flies by so incredibly fast, and before you know it memories fade and you forget those little details that you otherwise want to remember.

2014-10-16_0008 2014-10-16_0009 2014-10-16_0010


2014-10-16_0012 2014-10-16_0013

Being a photographer myself I have shot many babies, bumps, familes and weddings over the years. Capturing that connection between people, the relationships and the love is what I consider the most important part of my job. Believe it or not my husband hates having his picture taken, but right from the off I was determined to talk him into having a bump shoot. I meet far to many mums that say they didn’t document that part of their life and hugely regret it. You may not feel your best, it may be odd seeing a protruding belly, that’s growing by the day………..but its one of life’s greatest miracles and surely deserves to be captured.

2014-10-16_0014 2014-10-16_0015 2014-10-16_0016 2014-10-16_0017 2014-10-16_0018 2014-10-16_0019
I spoke to Sally who works for me and sounded her out at the prospect of doing a shoot. She was very gaim, so we set about the plan. Keep it simple, incorporate lots of colour and shoot it close to home somewhere where myself and Daz go regularly.

2014-10-16_0020 2014-10-16_0021 2014-10-16_0022 2014-10-16_0023 2014-10-16_0024 2014-10-16_0025
We decided to find out the sex of our baby and have obviously told close friends and family. We both love our cake, especially those by our good friend Lou from ‘A little Piece of Cupcake’, so we thought we would get her on board to do an ‘announcement cake’ (otherwise known as a gender reveal cake, but I think that sounds a little odd).

2014-10-16_0026 2014-10-16_0027 2014-10-16_0028 2014-10-16_0029 2014-10-16_0030 2014-10-16_0031 2014-10-16_0032
I am so thrilled with the shots and will treasure these for years to come. I have had my hormonal melt downs, and my non sleeping nights but these pictures will always remind me of how special and happy this time was for myself and Daz.

Lots of love




  • I am available for shoots called “a day in the life of………”. Have your little person captured, memories that will last a life time.


For more information on Binky and Sally’s work go to

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  1. Nichola Morton

    This is absolutely breathtaking. Binky’s dress contrasts so well with the mustard blanket. And those purple fields are just beautiful. Sally, your work here is absolutely magical – well done! Binky & Daz, congratulations! x

  2. Tamsin

    What fabulous photos – you both look so happy and relaxed. Can’t wait to meet junior – I’ve been cuddling with mine tonight – even though he’s 10 – boys are fab!


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