Diary of a Boho Baby: Jo and Nick – Just The Two Of Us (25 weeks)

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Today we welcome back Jo and Nick to the blog. We met up with Jo and Nick a few weeks ago as I introduced them to you as one of the new Boho baby couples. At that point Jo was 20 weeks pregant, well 5 weeks have passed and after their last holiday as a twosome, the couple have been evaluating how much their lives will chanage once the baby arrives.


I’ll pass you over to Jo and Nick………..

Jo: 25 weeks later and we are in the full swing of this pregnancy lark. We have had the 20 week scan (no finding out pink or blue until d-day!), I am regularly an emotional wreck, my bump appears to be growing by the hour and I have the sweetest of sweet tooth ever known. But I have to say that pregnancy is great (most of the time!) and I am loving my bump and the thought that I always have company with me. I’m regularly being told that I am “glowing”, but I think this is more to do with my post-holiday tan than anything else! Which leads us on to the blog title; just the two of us. When we found out we were pregnant we had a long talk about what we wanted to do for our last holiday as a twosome. As I work in a secondary school we knew we would have to go away in August time which, as it happened, would fit perfectly and we decided to go away when I was 22 weeks. We had a mammoth adventure on a Mediterranean cruise for our honeymoon last year and so this year was time for something of a bit gentler pace.

Nick: I have family over in Torrevieja, which is a 40 minute drive from Alicante in Spain, and there is always a chance of a villa going spare in the summer. So we packed our bags and headed over in the last week of the summer holidays. It was fantastic to see my family over in Spain as we don’t get to see them often enough, and as always they spoilt us rotten. It was great to be able to talk to new people about having a baby, I guess that will never grow old. Like Jo said thought the main point of the holiday was to spend our last holiday together as a family of two. The villa we stayed in was top quality for this, and having your own private pool is a luxury I wish we had the weather (and the money) for back home.

Jo and Nik Holiday
Jo: We had the most blissful week of doing almost next to nothing. We read, played tennis in the pool, got on board with the loom band craze, and then headed out every evening for a stroll and dinner. We talked a lot about what life will be like when baby arrives. Will we be able to do this? Will we be able to get a minutes rest without worrying that baby will toddle over in the pool, trip down a stair, scream blue murder in a restaurant, or get ill and we won’t be able to get the right medicine? All that alongside 35c heat which neither Nick or I cope particularly well in at the best of times! And then what about at home? What about our “normal” lives when we’re not on holiday? We love our time together. As I work Monday to Friday and Nick works most weekends it is a luxury for us to spend quality time together and something we always try to make the most of. Don’t get me wrong, I know this will change and I am more than excited about what’s ahead of us but it is the not quite knowing how that is definitely getting to me!

Nick: It is the strangest feeling knowing that we will be going from a duo to a trio and one I suppose we won’t be able to get our heads around until it actually happens. Unlike Jo, it is not the times as a twosome I am worried about. It’s the time I usually would spend on my own. One time in particular stands out. Like most men, I can spend forever in the loo. It is where I do my best thinking, I can catch up on all my mobile phone games, check out all the latest sports news, and watch stupid videos on youtube. I have been known to spend near to half an hour in the loo and it is definitely one of my happy places, but I would imagine it will not be baby’s favourite place to be. You can’t leave the baby on their own for that length of time but at the same time taking them to the bathroom with you is just bizarre. Maybe I am just being a typical bloke, but I have yet to find a baby book that answers such a question.

Jo: I like to think that the reason it’s this question that causes Nick so much trauma is because he is quite secure about our relationship and that our time together will still be special and that is just a matter of fact! (In reality however I know how precious his ‘bathroom time’ is to him!). I guess it’s easier for me to adjust to having little time to myself because, as I mentioned at the beginning, I haven’t really been by myself for the past 25 weeks. I can already feel baby impacting on my everyday life just by being there and so I guess that is where women definitely have a monopoly on being more prepared. I haven’t felt much movement yet (which the midwives have assured me several times is perfectly normal) and so I am looking forward to the days when we can both feel it wriggling around and we can see an elbow or a foot sticking out, I can’t wait to share that with Nick.

Baby T 20 week scan

Nick: Feeling baby move is definitely something I am looking forward to as it is something so special to be able to share with Jo. The first 25 weeks have been an eye opener and we have definitely enjoyed doing things as a pair for potentially the last time for a very long time, but we have enjoyed looking forward to when we are our own little family even more. The next few months I am sure will carry on surprising us, and there will no doubt be lots of ups and downs. We have plenty more to think about and plan so for now let’s call it a day as I am off to my happy place for a long think and we will blog to you all again soon.


Till next time

Jo and Nick xx


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  1. Becki

    I loved reading this guys.. especially love Nick’s honesty in expressing the real gritty issues a bloke faces when expecting his first child – the all important bathroom time haha!! :oP
    You both have such a lovely way of writing about it and what an exciting time for you now. Cant wait for the next blog post xx

    Becki xx


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