Diary of a Boho Baby – Jo and Nick (20 weeks)

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Diary of a Boho Baby – Jo and Nick

Today I am delighted to welcome a brand new couple to the Diary of a Boho Baby feature, Jo and Nick. For those of you who read Boho Weddings, you may remember Jo and Nick as they both wrote for my Diary of a Boho Bride feature last year. They were married last July and since then it seems they have been pretty busy creating a new human. I loved having them both on the Blog writing about their wedding plans, so when I found out they were pregnant I asked them if they would like to come and write about their baby plans, luckily they both said yes, so here they ae today. At 20 weeks things are getting exciting for them both.

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I’ll pass you over to Jo and Nick………..

Jo: After thoroughly enjoying blogging about our wedding over on Boho Weddings Nick and I jumped at the chance to write about our next adventure of expecting our first baby! It seems even more poignant to be writing this as we are preparing to celebrate our first wedding anniversary on July 27th. Yes, we are that couple who are the reason why all newly-weds get bombarded with the question “when are you having a baby?”. We are definitely fitting every stereotype in the book by becoming pregnant only a few months after being married….but that makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

Nick: Children have always been a topic of conversation for me and Jo since the very early days of our relationship. Fortunately we both knew very early on that we wanted children to play a huge part in our lives. I would have happily have had babies years ago but we waited and now I think we feel as ready as we’ll ever be to bring one into the world and hopefully do the best job we can in being parents. We can both still vividly remember the conversation we had (in the car on the way back from the supermarket ) when we decided, right that’s it…let’s have a baby!

Jo: And that, for me, is the scariest bit. We didn’t have to ask anyone, we didn’t have to pass a test, we didn’t have to prove that we have the space, the time or the financial security to cope with a child; we are just allowed to make a new person!

After a scary time early on in the pregnancy, we had a scan at 7 weeks to check everything was OK and, aside from it being the most awful few days I have ever experienced, when I saw the tiny little bean I got the most overwhelming rush of relief, happiness and terror all in one go. Relief that everything was ok and I hadn’t miscarried like a doctor in A&E had told us I had, happiness that it was actually happening, and terror that I now have the responsibility of carrying this little bubba for 8 more months and making sure both it and I stay safe and healthy. 

Nick: Words really can’t fully express how I felt at the 7 week scan. To be able to see a blob on the screen with its little flickering heartbeat was truly a magical moment that will live with me forever. As Jo said, I too was flooded with all emotions, that I guess parents actually feel every day. We better start getting used to it.

Jo: At 12 weeks we had another scan and all of a sudden that bean had turned into a baby! After having to eat some chocolate to give it a sugar rush and persuade it to come out to play, the baby was wide awake wriggling around and kicking like crazy showing us it was there. And then we got told our due date…December 26th! It’s going to be an interesting Christmas in the Thompson household.


Nick: So we are now 20 weeks in. We have met the midwife (who is lovely), a baby name book has been bought, I have learnt what a travel system is, Jo has started buying baby clothes, and I have started youtubing videos of babies eating lemons for the first time (seriously, if you haven’t done this…do it). Christmas can’t come soon enough this year as me and Jo can’t wait to get the greatest Christmas present we will ever get.


Till next time

Jo and Nick xx



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