Diary of a Boho Baby – Sallyann (22 Weeks) ‘Today I will be Mostly Wearing My Maternity Wardrobe’

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Diary of a Boho Baby - SallyAnn

Today I’d like to welcome back Sallyann to the blog.  Sallyann is with Pete and they have a daughter called Gracie-May and a baby bump. She was first introduced to the blog a few weeks ago with her first diary post when she was 13 weeks pregnant, we then caught up with her a few weeks ago when she was 18 weeks.

Today Sallyann at 22 weeks is here to talk to you about her maternity wardrobe. I have to admit I have been a bit crap when it comes to maternity clothes, I bought myself a pair of maternity jeans and that has been it. If I could go back I would definitely invest in a few more pieces, as trying to cope with a pir of jeans, a pair of jogging bottoms and a couple of maxi dresses hasn’t been easy. Luckely because I work from home a lot of my time has been spent in my PJs! I have tops in my wardrobe that I have worn to death, that I now want to burn as soon as the baby arrives as I can’t bear the thought of wearing them any more! So ladies my advice is invest in a few key maternity items to make your wardrobe more fun!


I’ll pass you over to Sallyann…….

Yes the day has finally come maternity wardrobe all the way. I have resisted so far with only the introduction of maternity jeans (my waist line went in the first few weeks) as my faithful skinnys would no longer meet in the middle.
However, I have almost overnight had to totally relook at my wardrobe, this is not easy on the bank balance as you can well imagine. This issue too, is not totally understood by my boyfriend, he just sees it as yet another excuse to shop!! But there is only a certain amount of time I can get away with work dresses. That seems to get shorter by the day and with summer hopefully on the way there is only a certain amount of time I can continue wearing opaque tights!!

But if you are a fashionista don’t despair there is so much choice out there and even new shops that you will only find out about once you are pregnant. Imagine that, new exclusive places to shop!! There is no excuse for us Yummy Mummies to be filling our wardrobes with comfy legging and baggy tops. Embrace and show off your new curves.

Don’t panic! If budget is a problem as most of your high street favourites now offer a maternity collection. My favourites are New Look and Top Shop due to cost and their collection mirrors trends in their main range. However this Spring saw a new major contender, Primark brought out their first maternity range and not surprisingly it is flying off the coat hangers. Below are just a few of my favourite items on the high street at the moment.

Maternity Wardrobe

Maternity Wardrobe Maternity Wardrobe

There is also plenty of shopping to be done from your armchair from some gorgeous brands that you may not have heard of yet but I can guarantee will go on your wish list. I lust after these brands and I am often found looking for BNWT items on EBAY!! I am talking about Isabella Oliver, Tiffany Rose and Seraphine. I am sure once you have discovered these you will share my lust and love of the exclusivity as they can only be visited if you are pregnant.
Seraphine is the most reasonably priced and I would say offers a full collection for every occasion whether it is lounging by the pool on your babymoon or their luxe collection for that special party. Kate Middleton was often pictured in this brand.

Celebrities such as Holly Willoughby and Myleene Klass were often pictured in Tiffany Rose which elevated the brand’s appeal. However you would not be disappointed if you made a purchase the quality is exceptional. Their range is very much a pay day spree purchase but you can expect amazing comments and feel like a million dollars at that special occasion. From the box it is delivered in to the way it makes you feel you will not be disappointed.
Isabella Oliver makes you long for jersey and change your perception of fitted clothes for your pregnancy journey. She firmly believes in enhancing your curves in figure hugging jersey. Her collection is filled with simple silhouettes that flatter your new figure and will take you anywhere.

I hope you are now confident that on any budget you can remain glamorous throughout 9 months and beyond.

Throw away those baggy tops and boyfriend jeans and show off your curves!!


Till next time

Sallyann xx




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