Real Pets: Show and Tell – Nutty and Le Beau Jack, 2 Very Handsome Black Cats

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real pets show and tell

Today I am delighted to welcome back the Real Pets Show and tell feature. Last time we met up with Laura and her gorgeous English Pointer dog; Flynn. Today we go back to the feline variety of pets, as we meet up with Ambre and her two french cats; Nutty and Le Beau Jack.
As a child we used to have a variety of cats, but a lot of them were black cats, so these two gorgeous creatures really remind me of my childhood. They are just gorgeous and as they were both rescued from a dumpster it makes their story even more special.

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Who I am :

Hello! My name is Ambre and I’m 28. My life was always about cats. When I was born, my parents had this incredible cat, Brindille (“Twig”), who they had adopted when she was a few weeks old. She was the princess of the house, and she also was my first giggle as a baby. The first time I laughed out loud, it was while looking at her. I don’t remember this of course, but I know it is linked to my deep love for cats. When I was a kid, I used to call her every night so she could come and sleep with me. I spent hours petting her, singing her songs, playing nicely with her hair, and she never moved. When she left us, I was devastated. I still have a tuft of her hair in one of my diary.

Then, in 2012, a friend called me and my ex-boyfriend, telling us that he just found two kittens in a dumpster, in the city of Clermont-Ferrand. I was shocked to hear that people could do that to animals. We don’t know since when they have been there, so we decided to take them back home.


Hi! I’m Nutty 

My name is Nutty. I was found in a dumpster by one of my adoptive mom and dad’s friend, when I was only 1 month old. I was very hungry, and I missed my real mom’s milk. My adoptive mom gave me some milk from the pharmacy, but I didn’t like it. I had to drink it in a cup since I was literally eating the nursing bottle’s end. I even ate by accident a piece of my mom’s hand while she was trying to help me eat! I grown up having a lot of growth problems, and now I’m still a small cat for my age! I ate everything I could find, from food in my mom and dad’s plates to garbage when they were leaving. The vet helped me a lot, fortunately! Now I’m very happy, I love to play with my brother and to cuddle with him on the couch. I also love to eat shoes.


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Hello, my name is Le Beau Jack (Handsome Jack).

Well hello! Like I said, I’m Le Beau Jack. I was also found that same day in a dumpster, with my “brother”. Actually, we are one month apart, so Nutty can’t be literally my brother, but since I live with him from the beginning, we’ll call him that! I was already 2 months old when they found me, so I never had the same problems as Nutty. I love to lie down on a couch and cuddle with my brother. I also like to meow for nothing, just to scare my mom. I love to purr whenever someone talks to me or touches me. I love to have attention, even though my little brother is always the centre of attention and always finds creative ways to do something wrong, like unrolling the paper towel, opening the cupboards and eating all the food inside, or even topple the trash can just to make a mess. I have an ugly secret though: I hold a secret cult for Q-tips. They drive me crazy, and I love to play with them and hide them everywhere in the house. Fortunately, my mom and dad give me a clean one every day, and they move the furniture’s once a month to recover them all and throw them away.

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All photos by Ambre Peyrotty – Zephyr & Luna



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