Real Homes: Before and After – Suzanne and Mike’s 250 Year Old Cottage Renovation, The Bedroom

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Real Homes

Today I have another wonderful room renovation from Suzanne and Mike from their 250 year old cottage. A couple of weeks ago Suzanne showed us round her gorgeous living room  that had a complete overall. Today Suzanne is sharing with us her bedroom renovation, which includes a wonderful space-saving walk in wardrobe.

bedroom renovation


A bit of background about the house itself

We moved into our stone built cottage in Thwaites Brow in November 2013. It’s tucked away in a collection of houses called ‘Hog Holes’ after the sheep (or hoggets) that used to live in the fields.
There are five rooms in total, each with their individual charms and challenges. As we renovate we are aiming to preserve or uncover the features of the house while modernising and creating some storage. We don’t have a lot of cash to splash so we are doing all the labour ourselves and making things rather than buying them.
I’m a Designer and Mike is a Joiner so between us, with lots of elbow grease and a little help from our friends we are putting our own slant on our little but lovely cottage.

The Bedroom

When Mike and I moved in together we had two of everything, then downsized when we moved to this house so had to get rid of a hell of a lot of stuff and decide how to store the things we had kept. There is no attic or cellar in the house so rather than furnish the bedroom with numerous wardrobes and chests of drawers we decided to build a walk in wardrobe to hide all our clothes, odds and ends and ugly gear away. Mike made the panelling, doors and shelving for the wardrobe from scratch and put up two clothes rails. This left the rest of the room clear and tidy . We figured a smaller room is better than a cluttered room.

bedroom renovation

The cabinet was found for a steal on eBay and had been a well loved piece in a vicarage before we re-homed it. The orange curtains from eBay cost four pounds and came with us from our old house.

cabinet from ebay

The carpet was lifted and the floorboards and beam sanded back to their original wood. Then my dad painted the walls in a parchment colour and one wall blue to brighten up the room.


There’s just enough room to swing a cat but we love this room… especially watching the birds and squirrels in the trees from the window in the mornings.

bedroom renovation

Suzanne will be back in a few weeks to show us another room renovation.


  • If you fancy our own walk in wardrobe or any other joinery work then Mike; who is a joiner, can be contacted on [email protected]


  • I’d love to feature your home on the blog, if you have a restoration project or a new room you would like to show off then please email me [email protected]

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