Diary of a Boho Baby – Sallyann (18 Weeks) ‘No Mr Whippy Ice-Cream!!!’

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Diary of a Boho Baby - SallyAnn

Today I’d like to welcome back Sallyann to the blog.  Sallyann is with Pete and they have a daughter called Gracie-May and a new baby bump. She was first introduced to the blog a few weeks ago with her first diary post when she was 13 weeks pregnant. Now at 18 weeks, she is here to share with you her thoughts on the things she has had to give up being pregnant and the new things in her life that she is getting joy from.

I have to say that when I first found out I was pregnant giving up wine and fizz was particularly hard, Christmas was a nightmare but the longer I have been without a drink the easier it has been. However I can’t say the same for food! My love of soft cheese and shell fish is a constant battle, and I am SO looking forward to tucking into all those things I’m not allowed at the moment, once the baby comes! A massive bowl of prawns, muscles, lobster, scallops, soft cheese, runny eggs and anitpasta meats awaits!


I’ll pass you over to Sallyann…….

No wine, limited caffeine, no soft cheese, Parma ham or Mr. Whippy ice-cream how will I cope!! Don’t panic!!……………..When you first find out you are pregnant whether it is your first, second or fifth, for most, the feeling is of overwhelming  joy that you have been blessed with such a gift. However, pregnancy symptoms worries and concerns soon take the edge off your elation. Especially, when you return from a stressful day in work and realize you can’t pour yourself that cold glass of pinot but it is a decaf tea and a rich tea which somehow doesn’t have the same appeal.


I learnt early on in my first pregnancy that new things bring you joy and help you love the nine months despite the sickness, skin complaints, tiredness, cankles, lack of pinot and soft cheese. Here are a few of my favourites



I love shopping especially for clothes!!  And being pregnant is the only time I am really able to justify to those close to me, a new wardrobe, as none of my clothes fit!!! Despite pregnancy tiredness this is an activity you can do from the comfort of your own home!!!  Internet shopping curled on the sofa with a cup of tea and a kit Kat (other chocolate is available), heaven. Then you have the excitement of parcel delivery day to look forward to! The feeling I get from opening my parcel from all my hard shopping work beats even a glass of the most expensive champagne. 2


I am also a magazine addict. I don’t know whether it is the smell of the freshly printed page or the excitement of the chance of a free gift. When I am pregnant I still buy my favourite glossies but being pregnant opens a whole new world of titles. These magazines offer advice support and reassurance that you are not the only one with cankles!!  Also a whole new genre of free gifts!!



During the nine months, your me time is really important, as a happy mummy equals a happy a baby. Enjoy your trips to the hairdresser or beauty spa, as when the baby is here for the first few weeks, sometimes months there will only be time for them, not mummy too.



How could I leave this topic until last food!! Even if you have always watched your diet food will begin to make you very excited. Even if you are not craving a certain food many foods will bring you huge joy and comfort. Yes I know what you’re thinking a balanced diet a carb in each hand!! But they are lovely!!


I hope you, like me, will be able to find the little things that will make you smile through the 9 months, as it is a truly magical time.

Till next time

Sallyann xx



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