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Real Homes

Today we are back with Ruth and the fantastic renovation project of her 4 bed Victorian house. So far Ruth has shown us round her Blue bedroom and her stunning Kitchen. Today it is the turn of the bathroom and just like the kitchen it was a BIG job but the results are beautiful! I’m sure you will be as impressed as I am. 


Bathroom Before and After

bathroom beofre and after

Background on the house itself…

When we first viewed what is now our home, we fell in love with its original Victorian features, huge rooms and high ceilings. It needed some love and attention as well as work in every room so we purchased this, our first house, in July of 2011 and decided to take it room by room doing everything we possibly could ourselves! Mike even did a plastering course before we moved in so he was then able to plaster every room which probably saved us a small fortune!


The Bathroom

The bathroom is one of my favourite rooms in the house. Growing up, we had a tiny bathroom so I’d always liked the idea of a bathroom with a free standing bath, separate shower and plenty of room…I certainly got my wish with this house and I guess that’s one of the reasons why I love this room so much!

bathrom finished

We completed the bathroom in around four weeks, we went to stay at my parents for some at of that time as everything was stripped out in order to get the black and white floor tiles in. The ceiling was also ripped out, boarded and plastered and one of Mike’s friends who is a plumber helped us out with plumbing in the shower.

bathroom before

bathroom floor tiles

Luckily, the bath, toilet and sink were all in great condition so we kept these and purchased new taps for them. We also bought a brand new shower and replaced the radiator.

bath before and after shower before and after

Now, as I’ve mentioned I really do LOVE this room but in hindsight I’d perhaps change our decision to have porcelain floor tiles! So many people warned us that porcelain tiles are hard to keep looking clean and they require cleaning pretty much every day. We didn’t listen and I wish we had because it’s all true!! We have to clean the floor at least every two days..but it looks great so I put up with it!!

bathroom finished 2 bathroom finsihed
  • Paint – Laura Ashley
  • Lace curtain – Ikea
  • Cabinet – Ikea
  • Shower – Victoria Plumbing
  • Mirror – John Lewis
  • Radiator – Column Radiators


Ruth will be back in a few weeks time to share with us another room renovation.

  • I’d love to feature your home on the blog, if you have a restoration project or a new room you would like to show off then please email me [email protected]



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