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Diary of a Boho Baby - SallyAnn

Last week I launched a brand new feature called ‘Diary of a Boho Bride’ where we follow Boho readers through their pregnancy journey, onto the birth of their baby and further into parenthood. I introduced you to Kirsty who last week was 37 weeks pregnant with baby number two

Today I am delighted to introduce you to the 2nd Boho reader who will be writing for this feature; Sallyann. Sallyann is with Pete and they have a daughter called Gracie-May and baby bump who is 13 weeks old! Sallyann will be writing for the blog over the next few months and sharing with her pregnancy story, as we follow her journey into parenthood for the 2nd time.

Gracie-May 010

Gracie-May Me and Pete when she was only 2 weeks old

I’ll pass you over to Sallyann…….

At the moment I am feeling very lucky. After following Kelly from Boho for several years I have been given the opportunity to contribute to her new blog Boho Life. To say I am excited is an understatement!

I am a 39 year old mummy (hopefully yummy) to my gorgeous daughter who is 19 months old and girlfriend to Pete an Electrical Engineer. We live in South Wales and can be found either down the beach or shopping in Cardiff at the weekend.
When I found out I was pregnant with Gracie-May, I could not believe how blessed I had become. I had suffered from a long illness for many years and I was very aware that becoming a mum was very unlikely. So when I did, I embraced every moment from that day on. I loved every minute of my pregnancy, I loved the new ranges of clothes I could explore, the new magazines, blogs to read, the excuse for an afternoon nap and my new curves.

Gracie-May kept us waiting until 42 weeks but when she arrived the rush of love was overwhelming and has not left me. I am not saying each day is easy. Getting used to not sleeping, breast feeding, time management and now I am entering the toddler years. Yet, she only has to look up at me and smile and everything thing is worthwhile and makes sense.
I returned to work when Gracie-May was 10 months, however, not to my previous career. I needed to find something that suited the hours that I would have childcare for and the best fit was a learning support assistant in a school. I am no longer enduring a long commute and don’t have to leave the house at 6am!! You will also find me blogging and advising people on health and wellness products in my spare time. At the moment seeing my daughter grow up and not missing a second is my priority and I am loving being a mum. It is the best job in the world!!!

Gracie May Sweet Pea 001

Gracie-May on her birthday photo shoot

It was always my secret wish that Gracie-May would have a brother or a sister, as being the eldest of three girls myself I feel very fortunate to know and feel that sisterly love and bond. However I was fast approaching 40 and I felt my biological clock would be ticking fast!! A few weeks ago we had the news we had been hoping for I was pregnant again!! It was like a lottery win.

On 9th April we went for out dating scan, I love this day it all is made very real, and my expanding waistline is not down to my extra appetite for carbs!! I am convinced Baby bean waved to us and definitely kicked its legs with excitement. I was 10 weeks 2 days slightly less than what the midwife thought so a few more weeks of nausea, but school toast proved to be a great cure!! Our second baby is due on 3rd November and I look forward to sharing my journey of Toddlerdom and pregnancy on here with you


Till next time

Sallyann xx



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