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At the beginning of March, Nik and I took ourselves off for what I guess some people would call a baby moon! Our last holiday before our baby is born in June. We needed to get away before my third trimester as after that you’re not aloud to fly. Trying to find a beach holiday in March wasn’t as easy as it would seem, we didn’t want to travel to far, so America was out of the question, as was any part of Asia, we’d been to North Africa a few times so we ended up looking at the Canary Islands. We’d already been to Gran Canaria and Tenerife and to be honest I wasn’t in a rush to go back, but lots of people had told us good things about  Lanzarote. We looked into and got a few hotel recommendations from people (Thanks Lucy) and before we knew it we’d booked it!

We went from 1st – 8th March which coincided with my Birthday and stayed at The Dream Gran Castillo Hotel in Playa Blanca. As much as Nik and I wanted a sunshine holiday, we’re not that big a fan of sitting on a beach all day not doing anything, we generally spend haf a day relaxing and the other half off exploring or going on trips. However as soon as we got to the Hotel we pretty much decided that we really just wanted to chill out and relax. We realised on the plane that this was going to be our last holiday baby and child free, so we really should make the most of the time we had. I had been mad busy at work as this blog was due to launch the day I got back from holiday, so the holiday actually tuned out to be  much more about sitting by the pool, reading and enjoying the all-inclusive food and drink than we had first anticipated!

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5 lanzarote

The Hotel itself was lovely, I really couldn’t fault it. Great food a wonderful selection of restaurants, Nik tells me the alcohol was of good quality. The pool was clean although pretty cold! with a good selction of sunbeds. The view was great, one side hotel, the other side sea! We were lucky enough to be upgraded to a suit, as I was 25/26 weeks pregnant plus it was my birthday and I have to say the room was amazing! Bigger than our house (which isn’t that hard really!) Our days were spent in between meals, chilling by the pool, napping (something I never do) and me getting super broody over all the cute babies around!

We did manage to leave the hotel a couple of times, one day for a walk to the marina and the next day on an all day coach trip taking in the majority of sights across the island.
We were aiming to go out again for my birthday on the last day, but by then I’d picked up a virus and wasn’t feeling so well! For that reason I tried to forget it was my birthday and because of this I now think I am a year younger than I am, so all was not lost!

Here’s a few photos from our walk to  Rubicon Marina, Playa Blanca

6 lanzarote 7 lanzarote 8 lanzarote 9 lanzarote 10 lanzarote 11 lanzarote 12 lanzarote 13 lanzarote 14 lanzarote 15 lanzarote 16 lanzarote 17 lanzarote

The following day we took on our role as true holiday makers and spent the day on a coach traveling from one tourist spot to another. We were originally going to hire a car and go and visit all the spots ourselves but as soon as we realised we wanted to chill for most of the holiday, we diced that a coach trip was the best way to go!

First was the El Golfo Blue Lagoon

18 lanzarote 19 lanzarote 20 lanzarote 21 lanzarote 22 lanzarote

We then stopped for a Camel Ride in Timanfaya National Park. I decided to stay on safe ground, having ridden a camel before I didn’t care to repeat the experience, so left Nik to it!

23 lanzarote 24 lanzarote 25 lanzarote 26 lanzarote 27 lanzarote 28 lanzarote 29 lanzarote

We then had a drive around Timanfaya National Park, which it turns out you can only do if you are in a coach so it’s just as well we didn’t hire a car. The scenery is amazing! The island is totally volcanic, so the majority of it is old molten lava.  It looks like the surface of the moon, not what I was expecting at all!

30 lanzarote 31 lanzarote

We then stopped off for a spot of wine tasting at the Rubicon Vineyard, and I was totally amazing at the way they farm the grapes. Each vine has its own wind wall protector built around it and the grapes grow underground. The island is incredibly windy, so we saw a lot of these curved walls protecting people gardens, as well as the farms.

32 lanzarote 33 lanzarote 34 lanzarote 35 lanzarote 36 lanzarote 37 lanzarote

Lastly we went to Cesar Manrique’s Jameos del Agua, an amazing attraction built around an underground cave, with its own pool, theatre, and restaurant.

38 lanzarote 39 lanzarote 40 lanzarote 41 lanzarote 42 lanzarote

I have to say we had a great holiday, I was really impressed with Lanzarote and to be honest I wasn’t expecting to be. It is an incredibly clean island if not a tad on the windy side. The weather in March was just warm enough to sit by the pool, (around 20-25 degrees) I still managed to get a bit of a tan, well more freckles. Our hotel was very family friendly and I’d defiantly recommend it.

Nik and I both agreed that we would return to the island, there is enough to see and do to go back with baby Hood. It was a good price and the all-inclusive option was incredibly good value. All in all the relaxation holiday we both needed and a really good time was had by both of us!


Big Boho Love

Kelly xx



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  1. shelly

    Wow, you are one gorgeous pregnant lady! All those lovely shots of your holiday make me want to grab a pina colada and sit by the pool. I have a jealous face! Lovely photos darlin. x

    • Kelly

      Thanks Shelly, you are very kind. It was a fab holiday, I thin w will eb ging back with the baby in a few years time xx


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