Real Life Easter DIY: Bunny Bottles by Tamryn Lawrence

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Carrying on the Easter theme, I have another fun DIY project for you. Mondays 3 part DIY Easter projectt proved very popular with you, so here is another one! This again is perfect to carry out with the children, or to give to them as a cute gift! Todays project comes from new regular to the Blog Tamryn Lawrence. Tamryn will be with us here on the blog on a regular basis with recipe ideas, as well as cute DIY projects, so please make her feel welcome.


I’ll pass you over to Tamryn……….

As the children in my house start to get excited about the Easter holidays and the chocolate related happiness that this brings, it’s time to crank up the craft and make a few little gifts to give to family and friends.

bunny bottles DIY
These Bunny Bottles are really great Easter presents. To start with, you can fill them with anything you like. My kids all have a range of allergies so the bottles get stuffed with treats that suit but everyone still gets a similar looking gift. Also, as crafts go, they tick two major boxes – they don’t take long to make and they’re not expensive. Perfect!


You will need 

you wil need

  • An empty, washed & dried bottle (I used the Starbucks Frappucino bottles – they’re a good size and the neck is wide enough to squeeze in a wide variety of goodies. You can get these drinks in most supermarkets as well as Starbucks and at about £1.50 each, they about the same price as buying already-empty bottles)
  • Paint
  • White paper
  • Pink paper
  • Glue or double sided taped
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • A colour printer or pens to decorate labels
  • The all-important fillings!


How to make the Bunny Bottles…

STEP 1) If the lids of the bottles have a logo on them that you can’t remove or if the colour doesn’t suit you, paint the lid a pretty Easter colour.

STEP 2) While the lid is drying, take your white paper and sketch out two bunny ears and cut them out, rubbing out and pencil marks that are still visible.

STEP 3) Draw around the white ears onto the pink paper and then sketch smaller ears inside and cut out these little ear linings.


STEP 4) Glue or stick the little pink ears onto the white ear shapes.

STEP 5) Measure around the neck of the bottle and cut a strip of white paper that’s about 5cm longer than the circumference of the neck. This overlap will give support to the part of the collar that holds up the ears.

STEP 6) Glue or stick the white & pink ears to the inside end of the white paper strip. It’s best to angle the ears so when the collar is wrapped around the bottle, the ears prick up happily.


STEP 7) Wrap the ears & collar around the bottle, making sure that the ears sit at the back of the bottle and glue or stick in place.

STEP 8) Either print the label I’ve designed (making sure it’s the right size for your bottle) or design one yourself (I used the Beautiful Mess app on my iPhone or you could try the design function in PicMonkey). If you’re artier than me, draw or paint anything you like or ask your children to get creative for you!


STEP 9) Glue or stick the label onto the front of the bottle.

STEP 10) Fill with sweet treats or whatever goodies you’ve got in mind.


STEP 11) Put the lid back on the bottle (making sure it’s dry if you’ve painted it!) and give to the lucky recipient!

bunny bottles DIY  

  • Thanks so much to Tamryn for this fab Easter project, I hope you like it. Tamryn will be back in a couple of weeks with a new recipe to share with you all, so keep an eye out for that.



Tamryn Lawrence


Tamryn Lawrence



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  1. Sam

    OMG I love this idea! Just wish I’d seen it a few weeks ago. Will defo be keeping that one for next Easter!


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