5 Reasons to Wear More Colour

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5 Reasons to Wear More Colour

Today on the blog we are talking fashion and I have invited Emily Jane  to talk to you all about Colour. Emily is a stylist and colour expert so the perfect person to discuss the benefits of adding a bit of colour into our wardrobes! I love colour but I admit that I probably don’t wear enough, I tend to stick to a lot of greens and browns due to my ginger hear. As a child I was told to stay away from red, pink, orange and purple, which doesn’t leave very much. I do love yellow and tend to wear this more in the summer and I also love patterns but again these tend to come out more in the summer. Once I’ve had baby Hood I will be off to the shops to spruce up my wardrobe and I hope to add in a few more colourful pieces.

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I’ll pass the Blog over to Emily…….

Picture your wardrobe. How many different colours do you see? For most people, the answer is surprisingly few, with black and grey dominating. Now, there’s nothing wrong with wearing black – it feels flattering, it feels safe, but when there’s a whole rainbow out there, isn’t it a bit of a shame that you’re not experiencing it? Here’s 5 reasons why you should give colour a go…

1)  It boosts your mood

The colours that you wear have a real effect on your emotions. Wake up feeling like you need some added oomph that day? Try wearing red (even just switching to red lippy will make a difference!) And how can anyone help but smile when they’re wearing yellow shoes?!

wearing colour

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2) It gets you noticed

It can be oh-so-tempting to hide away in your favourite black, but there are times in our life when we really need to be noticed. Angling for a promotion? Ditch the black suit and stand out from the crowd in the office with something bolder! Looking to snag Mr/Ms right? Next time you’re in a bar or club look around and notice just how many other people are in black. Maybe you’d be better off with a colour boost?

colourful dresses

(colourful dresses)

3) It’s flattering

We all know those theories about black being slimming, but the truth of it is that black only suits some of us, and on others it can be quite draining. If you wear the right colours that suit you then you’ll suddenly find shadows under your eyes disappearing, your hair colour looking more intense and your eye colour popping, and who doesn’t need a little pop?!

wardrobe of clothes

4) Getting dressed in the morning is just as easy 

A fear that many people have about introducing more colour into their wardrobe is that it will make picking out an outfit harder. After all, if everything is black or grey, then everything goes together, right? Well, I can’t fault your logic on that, but believe me, wearing more colour doesn’t have to change this. If you pick a palette of coordinating colours, you’ll be surprised at just how many outfits you can make up from a few items, with everything mixing and matching effortlessly.

mix and match clothing

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5) It makes others smile

I’m not talking about dressing like Coco the Clown here, but honestly, wearing a bit more colour doesn’t just make you feel better, it also has that effect on those around you too. You’ll be surprised on how many compliments you get from people who have a big smile on their face after seeing your lovely bright outfit, and how good this will make you feel in turn. It’s just a never-ending cycle of feel good colour!

how to wear colour

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For more info on Emily and her work go to 

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