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real pets show and tell

Today I am delighted to welcome a lovely lady and huge animal lover to the blog Yvonne Lishman. I know Yvonne as she is a wedding photographer and a sponsor over on Boho Weddings. I was struck by her wonderful personality when she first emailed me about a year ago asking about the blog. We got chatting and it turned out we were both massive animal fans. We swapped pet stories and photos of our beloved animals and a friendship was formed. When I decided on having a pet category I knew I had to ask her to come onto the blog for a pet show and tell.
I’ll let Yvonne introduce you to her team.

‘Cause we belong together now, yeah
Forever united here somehow, yeah
You got a piece of me
And honestly
My life would suck without you’
(Kelly Clarkson)


When I was growing up I often said to my mum that’d I’d live in a house full of cats and dogs and not bother to get married. The latter didn’t happen but I do live in a house with 3 cats and 2 pugs. There isn’t a word in existence to describe the extent to which I love them nor the amount of happiness they bring to my life. I sing to them lots, usual inane tunes I’ve invented myself with lyrics to rhythm with whatever it is they are currently up too but when I sing to them for real Kelly Clarkson’s ‘My life would suck without you’ is a favourite because it’s true my life would suck without them.

DeeDee&Rufus1 Brian&Freddie Rufus_Banksy_DeeDee


Meet the team…………

Freddie aka Monkey

Hello my name is Freddie but you may call me Monkey. I was born on the 29th of July 2001 and 8 weeks later ended up where I am now in a crazy house, which is often loud and bit surreal. I take it all in my stride as I’m a placid sort. Except that is when it comes to Fall Out Boy. I hate them. I’ve wrecked a TV and two TV cabinets letting it be known just how much. Football players taking corners and the graphics that come up at the start of the game also get on my wick. I bark at things that weren’t there yesterday. Me and mum are each others best friend. Mum tells me everyday that she loves me more than the moon the stars and everything in between and beyond. At night I like to run along the path and bark at the moon. Mum says, “Shut up Freddie,” but I’m just trying to tell it mum loves it less than she loves me. I love the crazy house.

Freddie3 Freddie6 Freddie4

Brian aka Chinny

Yo peeps. I is the new blud in dah house. I is a little hoodlum and likes to wee everywhere and sniff dah cats butts, init though. I is 7 months old, and having tantrums amuses me. Today I barked at me mums neighbour and tried to eat her skirt. I got hobbies dat includes ripping up newspaper and chewing dah chairs. Yestreday I jumped on dah computer and knocked me mums water all over the keyboard. Apparently I’m an imbecile and I learned a new word beginning with dah letter F. I ain’t no imbecile cause I can do stuff like that and me mum still picks me up and goes kiss kiss kiss Brian I absolutely love you. Dey’s been calling me Chinny lately ‘cause I got dah big teethy grin when I smiles init. Brap! Brap!

Brian1 Brian2

DeeDee aka The Deedles

I came to live in the asylum the same week as Freddie. I came with my brother Ezra but he got sick when he was 8 and he went to Heaven. I know what they’re up to round here, they don’t think I do but I know. I’m the brains’ in this operation. I watch them winding their way around this place singing their silly songs. I’m taking notes all the time so far I’ve discovered they really love me, if I miaow loudly enough I get extra cuddles, when they come near I roll on my back, look sweet and get a stroke or two, I do squinty love eyes at them they do it back. I’m in control. The other week they brought in an imposter. They call him Brian I call him dodgy. I know what they’re up to round here, they don’t think I do but I know.

DeeDee2 DeeDee3

Rufus aka Doofus

Hey man if they ask I didn’t do it. The loo roll ripped to shreds in the bathrooms got nothing to do with me. I don’t know nothing about nothing. I ain’t the one hanging upside down under the bed running round the mattress at 3am. Me and my bro Banksy never dive on dah hoomans heads in the night-time and it’s not me who’s jumped on your back when you’ve turned away from me. I ain’t no ninja right. Remember if they ask I didn’t do it. And I don’t know nothing about nothing.

Rufus and loo roll Rufus3 Rufus4

Banksy aka Kitten Brained Banksy the Fiendish Viper

I’ve got them fooled. They think I’m only rowing with one oar half the time but I’m not as dumb as I look. The hoomans throw me rolled up bits of paper and I bring it back to them. They throw it in the air and I catch it better than Joe Hart. When I get bored with their antics I put the paper under the wardrobe and flick it round for a bit trying to get it back, mostly it stays under there. The other week the squeaky hooman scooped my stash out with a nosy sucking thing and made a pile so big I could weave myself a cat basket. I purr so loudly the neighbours can hear and pigeons mistake it for cooing but don’t be fooled they don’t call me Kitten Brained Banksy the Fiendish Viper for nothing. Just ‘cause I’m purring don’t mean I ain’t think of how tasty your arm is. They might only see one oar but I’ve got the other one stashed away!

Banksy1 Banksy2


All Photos by Yvonne



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  1. yvonne lishman

    Love the new blog Kelly. I can’t to read My baby Dee. I loved seeing my furbabies in the limelight. Thank you xxx


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