How To Do Hair – Knotted Up Do With Side Kot

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How to do hair

Todays How to Tutorial is a quick and easy up do, courtesy of Bobby Glam. If you are anything like me you will look at up do’s and wonder how on earth they were put together. Many looks super difficult and tricky, well not this one! Just a series of knots and a few pins and your done! Simple!

Knotted Up Do with Side Know tutorial 2

You will need

  • Hair Brush
  • Bobby Pins
  • Hairspray


STEP 1) If you need to add a little extra length and thickness to your hair, then clip in your BobbyGlam hair extensions before styling. I tend to start this hairstyle on the opposite side to my fringe as this is where the hairstyle will end, so I’ll be starting this from the left side.

STEP 2) You need to section off your hair, finishing just behind your ear, making sure it is around 2 inches wide on the top of your hair. Split this section into two equal sections and simply knot it!

Knotted Up Do with Side Know tutorial 1
STEP 3) Once you have knotted your hair take a section from the top of your hair to add into the strand closest to your head, then simply knot again. Repeat this step until you have reached around to the other side of your head just behind your ear. Once you have reached behind your ear, gather this hair into one hand and let it fall into a ponytail. Keep hold of this or secure it in place for the time being with a hair band.

Knotted Up Do with Side Know tutorial 6

STEP 4) Next you need to tend to the front section of your hair. Try and make this as similar to the left section of hair as possible! To keep this all neat and in place twist it outwards, pull back and then knot it together with the hair which has been left in a ponytail from the previous step.

STEP 5) Once the hair has been knotted and you have a side knot, now all that’s left to do is pin the rest of your hair underneath with some bobby pins to keep your hairstyle nice and neat.

Knotted Up Do with Side Know tutorial 8


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