5 Reasons to Love Yoga

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We have already heard from Becky in her post about healthy breakfasts. Today Becky is going to be talking to us about Yoga! Becky is currently studying to be a yoga teacher and is a fantastic advert for a yoga lifestyle. I have sometimes dabbled in yoga myself and am currently carrying out pregnancy yoga (more on that in a later blog post) I have found it the perfect way to work out during my pregnancy, not only is it strengthening and toning me but it is keeping my calm and relaxed at the same time! I’ll let Becky tell you a bit more about why you should love Yoga.

I’ve been a fan of yoga for quite a few years now, and no I’m not a typical yogi… I’m not stick thin, I can’t do the lotus position, and you would never guess from looking at me that I ‘do’ yoga regularly. Yoga has developed a lot in the last few years and like the numerous dance styles out there, there are now numerous styles of yoga. It has never been easier to find a style to suit your personality.



When doing Yoga your body turns upside down, you twist, you tuck, you balance, you focus and you use your deepest, strongest muscles whilst getting your blood pumping. Try 10 minutes and you can’t help but be energised.


And the funny thing is that as you do all of the above, you don’t pant for breath as in most exercise, but you control your breathing through deep revitalising breaths that fill your lungs with fresh air and exhale stale air. The result, a calmer, happier you!



It’s not something that we think about much, but have you ever noticed how kids can bounce about and throw themselves into all sort of positions without pulling a muscle? The secret – flexibility! Yoga can bring your childhood flexibility back, move with it, breathe into it, and don’t push – but give yourself a regular practice and you will soon be flipping hand stands with the youngsters! Yoga can bring the fun back into your playtime!



As we age we lose muscle tone. Wouldn’t we all desire the beautiful limbs and torso of a teenager -or is that just me?! Why do we lose our tone? We lose because we don’t use and we abuse! Think about our lives…. Sitting at the computer… fast food… alcohol and late nights…. pregnancy…. putting on weight…. As we get older life is cruel to us! Yoga builds muscle, throughout your body, not just the big muscles targeted in some workouts, but all those little muscles that we forget about, and the end result a slim and toned you!


We all detox all day long – thanks to our liver – but these days we take in more toxins than our livers can cope with. Toxins take their toll. The squeezing, twisting, turning actions of yoga help squeeze and rejuvenate your inner organs, supporting on-going detox. The result a younger happier body!


And the best bit – you can do it anywhere, no kit needed, unless you want to buy yourself some gorgeous yoga gear! So why don’t you go out and try a class? All teachers are different, so try a few until you find one that suits your personality… good luck!

Have a great Day!



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