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Packing for a holiday, if you’re anything like me you will HATE it! I dread packing, I always want to take everything I own for that ‘just in case’ moment. However airlines these days will add-on extra charges for absolutely anything, so today I have invited Julie from Skyscanner onto the Blog to give you some handy hints on packing for your holiday.

I’ll pass the Blog over to Julie………………..

Budget carriers like Ryanair and Easyjet have made it possible for holiday-makers to jet off to exotic destinations with money to spare. However in order to get the ticket price down they do away with extra frills. This includes free checked baggage. If you’re travelling on a budget carrier you may have to make do with a carry-on, which means no bulky scented candles or bubble baths allowed on board your flight to Tenerife! Planning ahead means that you’ll be able to bring everything you need without breaking the bank on last-minute fees.

Honeymoon Packing Tips

Preliminary Planning

Start writing a packing list about a week before your trip, so that you have time to purchase anything you might need. The amount of luggage you need to pack will depend on your destination and the length of your honeymoon. Think about the climate where you’re headed. Packing for a week in Dubai will obviously entail a different approach than a trip to a ski resort in Canada. You’ll probably want to bring along a few daytime outfits and at least one evening dress or outfit that you can wear to dinner.

Honeymoon Packing Tips

Budget Airline Baggage Policies

Be sure to check your airline’s baggage policy. Most airlines will allow you to purchase your ticket first and then add on the cost of extra baggage later, but take care to purchase any checked baggage allowances before arriving at the airport or you could pay a hefty fee. The following are a few of the most popular budget airlines and their luggage policies:

  • Ryanair – The cost of a first checked bag may range from £15 to £120 depending on the bag’s weight, the season, and whether you book online or via a call centre. One cabin carry-on is permitted free of charge. 
  • Easyjet – One carry-on is permitted in the cabin free of charge. Passengers can check a bag at the rate of £12 for a RT flight, provided the overall weight of checked bags per party does not exceed 20 kilograms. After this, expect to pay an additional £7 per kilo. 
  • Flybe – Flybe Airlines has a multi-tiered pricing system, depending on the number of bags you wish to check, their size, and what type of ticket you purchase. You are allowed at least 10 kg of hand luggage at all pricing levels.


TOP TIP: Because most airlines charge extra for checking baggage at the last minute, weigh your luggage before you get to the airport to avoid surprises.

Honeymoon Packing Tips

Maximizing Limited Space

Even if you’ll be away for a full week, it’s surprising just how much you can fit into a carry-on bag. Choosing clothing made of fabrics like jersey means you don’t have to worry about wrinkles, and these fold down to extremely small sizes. Make sure you can mix and match the items you bring to create several different looks from a minimal amount of clothing. Another way to diversify your travel outfits is to pack accessories. Wear all of your accessories on the plane, and although you may look a little eccentric on the flight, you won’t take up any precious room in your carry-on.

Flying on a budget airline with only cabin luggage may seem restrictive, but it leaves you with more pocket money for romantic sunset cruises and seaside candlelit dinners.

Honeymoon Packing Tips


Article by flight and hotel comparison site Skyscanner.



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