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real pets show and tell

For those of you who don’t have pet having a pet section on a lifestyle blog may seem a tad strange to you, however for those of you who do have pets, I’m hoping it will make complete sense.
If you are an animal lover then you will realise just how much having a pet can change your life. Pets live with us, share our homes and rely on us totally. That unconditional love you get form a pet is completely priceless and something I hope to encounter for the rest of my life.

1Cat Photography

I grew up in a home of animal lovers we always had at least 1 dog and a multitude of cats. My mum bred Afghan hounds when I was little and also Siamese cats. She then proceeded to take in numerous strays, so we built up quite a collection. Being an only child, the animals around me were classed as brothers and sisters (by my mum) even my dad seemed to have a soft spot for them.

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Forward 18 years and I left home, a year out, University, and then a few years moving from house to house every 6 months meant that a pet was not a realistic option. However when I was 26 I moved in with my then fiancé and that’s when I got my little baby Dee.
Dee was 8 weeks old when I got her, I wanted to get a cat from the RSPCA but they were very strict and said that I wasn’t allowed a kitten only a fully grown cat and I’d set my heart on getting a tiny baby, one that I could look after as if it was my own baby (broody much!!) so I answered an advert in the paper that read ‘fluffy grey kittens £10’ and the rest is history!
I still remember the day I went to pick Dee up, so tiny and so cute! It was an absolute delight getting her home and seeing her use the new cat litter tray was one of my proudest moments and that’s when my relationship with Dee began.

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16 years on, I am now 42 and Dee has been with me through thick and thin, through break ups, make ups, house moves and a whole host of stuff in-between. She has always been my constant and someone who I love with all my heart. She isn’t the friendliest of cats, she has been known to draw blood if you cross her, but I blame that on her age (plus the fact that I spoil her something rotten!) However she loves her mummy and that’s all that matters. Since Nik has been in my life he has become her adopted dad and he seems nearly as smitten with her as I am. We often watch her while she is sleeping and just smile at each other as she is just one big ball of cute fluff!
She keeps me company through the day as I work from home and I hope I have given her a good life in return.

13Cat Photography 14Cat Photography 15Cat Photography 16Cat Photography 17Cat Photography 18Cat Photography 19Cat Photography

It sounds daft but I really cannot express how much I love her, yes my baby boy may not be born yet, and everyone tells me that once the baby comes my feelings for Dee will change but she is my little angel, my princess, my 16-year-old child and no one can take that away from us.
I could go on forever about her daily routine, how she likes to play, how much she likes to sleep and her favourite foods, but I don’t want to bore you too much! So instead I will share with you a few of my favourite photos of her. I hope you will agree she is a little beauty!

20Cat Photography 21Cat Photography 22Cat Photography 23Cat Photography 24Cat Photography 25Cat Photography
  • I’d love for you to share your pet photos with me, cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, reptiles, anything goes! If you are interested then email me [email protected]


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  1. yvonne lishman

    Ahhhhhhhh! What an awesome post. I love Dee. She’s so like our old cat Kim, whose now in furry heaven, it’s unreal. When Bumpy Hood comes along you won’t love Dee less she’s your kindered spirit. She’ll be Bumpy Hood’s furry sister just like you had furry brothers and sisters and you’ll all love each other just the same. Dee rocks xx


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