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Now I’m no interior designer but what I do want to do with the blog is share with you real people’s decoration ideas. Ideas and  inspiration that gets them to their finished room or DIY project.
I thought first of all I’d throw myself in the mix and share with you my bathroom renovation starting with the inspiration that got us to our finished room. I will share with you the actual before and after in a future post.

We moved into our house nearly 7 years ago, it was pretty much ready to go when we moved in, all it needed was a lick of paint and a bit of a re-gig. (Although now I’d quite happily change every room in the house.) The room I wasn’t really happy with was the bathroom. 1) it was tiny 2) it only had a shower and no bath 3) I didn’t like the colour. Again a lick fo paint sorted out problem 3 and we stuck with it for as long as we could. Then I found out I was pregnant and we both decided that trying to bath a baby in a power shower just wasn’t going to happen, so it at last gave us the kick up the backside we needed to get the bathroom done.

Over the last few months I have spent ages looking on pinterest looking for ideas and inspiration. luckily Nik and I have similar tastes which are generally quite modern, clean lines and as little fuss as possible.

So here are a few ideas that I pulled together to get us to our finished design. This is of course a dream situation, our bathroom is pretty much a box room, with the toilet separate as the room is so small. Also our budget in’t massive, so we aren’t looking for anything majorly fancy, just having a bath after 7 years will be a total luxury. This is my ideal situation. The reality bathroom will come up in a future post. (You can see my full pinterest bathroom board here)

bathroom inspiration


Photo source: (left to right, Top to Bottom) Bathroom accessories / Oval bath with black towles / Toilet and sink / Large bathroom with black floor / 2 sinks with wooden cabinet (photo by whitingarchitects.com) / Oval bath with mirored wall / Wet room / Sink (designed by Owen and Vokes and Peters. Photo by Alicia Taylor) / Circular Bath.


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