An Unconventional Guide to Holidays in the Cold

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Holidays in the Cold

A lot of people see a traditional holiday as sitting on a beach or by a pool, sipping on cocktails and eating way to much. However there are many other travelers who look for something different, something away from the heat and into the cold! So  today we are looking at some of the more unconventional ideas, focusing on holidays in the cold.  I have enlisted the help of Rachel Pollock seasoned travel writer to tell you a bit more

I’ll pass the Blog over to Rachel………

I thought I should share my travel experiences and fuel your inspiration covering some Scandinavian countries which I have been really interested in lately.
My fiancée and I have lived on the Mediterranean coast for nearly seven years now. We have enjoyed our fun in the sun and have been lucky enough to partake in agreeable temperatures throughout the entire year. After performing a rather long and extensive online search, myself and my partner decided to branch out and enjoy the magic and wonder that the Scandinavian countries have to offer. Although this may seem a bit strange to some, we have actually come across a number of interesting and unique activities that the colder climates have to offer.


The Magnificent Ice Hotel in Sweden

Many couples choose this visually stunning location to enjoy a surprisingly warm and cozy retreat. Although the rooms themselves hover somewhere around -5 degrees, guests are provided with thermal sleeping bags and extremely comfortable beds made of reindeer skins. The furniture itself is carved from large blocks of ice utilising the skilled talent of local artisans. There is even an ice bar where couples can enjoy a warming drink or two. Ice hotels are designed and rebuilt every year and therefore offer a unique experience which is unforgettable. What we found to be the most attractive about this location is that packages are all-inclusive; flights to and from the airport, food and drink, are all included in one price.

Unconventional Guide to Honeymoons in the Cold



While a holiday in Iceland may seem a bit out of the ordinary for some, such a visually extreme landscape is what makes this destination truly unforgettable. The most popular locations are located in the west and southwest of the island; only a stone’s throw from the capital of Reykjavik. Thingvellir National Park and Skogafos Waterfall are two of the most sought-after locations to hold a perfect picnic while absorbing the beauty of nature at its most rugged. While it is indeed true that the climate here can vary wildly, you should never assume that the accommodations at these locations are anything but superb. Locations such as Hotel Ranga is a four-star property located within walking distance of the Skogafos waterfall and caters to every single detail of a wedding or a honeymoon. We even found a great provider who gave us advice on a tailored honeymoon trip in Iceland for us.

Unconventional Guide to Honeymoons in the Cold


Honeymoon Cruises

I was also thrilled to learn that there are a wide variety of cruises available to the Scandinavian countries. What my husband and I found particularly attractive regarding this option is the fact that they are well within most budgets and can provide some of the most unforgettable views of the rugged northern coastlines. Fjords and icebergs will dot the horizon that can be viewed from the luxurious comfort that these cruises provide. My fiancée considered taking a cruise to the Danish port of Copenhagen. While you may envision this city bordered by ice and snow, during the summer months the Scandinavian countries are actually quite warm. Couples can take a leisurely stroll in Copenhagen’s Botanical Gardens or instead enjoy Danish cuisine at Tivoli or one of the many open-air restaurant terraces situated in the heart of the city. And you should not forget that some of the most colourful displays of the northern lights can be seen from most northern European countries.

Unconventional Guide to Honeymoons in the Cold  

These are three of our favourite choices for romantic honeymoon destinations in the colder weather that my fiancée and I encountered. Due to the fact that Scandinavia can offer literally hundreds of different options and destinations to choose from, a quick online search can help begin your journey to finding the cold weather honeymoon destination of your dreams. I hope you will find your search for your perfect honeymoon as exciting as we do.



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