Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas from Starling Store

Gift Ideas from Starling Store

Hello everyone. Half way throughout the week already. I do enjoy Wednesdays. For me, Wednesday’s is job day and I get to catch up on all my paperwork and it’s the day I feel ever so organised! How are you all bearing in this weather? My predictions were slightly correct as I said it was going to get colder but I don’t think it has got to -7degrees yet. Thankfully!

On with today and today’s post. We have something a little different for you on the blog. Nicola from Starling Store has sent us her Top 10 best sellers from her household interior store. My favourite just has to be the t-cup and saucer. There are some lovely items here that could even make for some great Christmas presents. They even offer luxury gift wrapping with all orders which also saves you a task.

Who are Starling Store?

Starlingstore.com is an online interiors store launched in 2013, with a hand picked selection of modern interior pieces for your home. Starling Store aims to offer a collection for the individual; for when you are searching for something a little bit different, something inspirational. With a flash of colour, and a creative spirit, Starling Store aims to offer the very best selection of interiors.

Each and every piece from the collection is hand picked for it’s original design combined with practability and quality. It is our aim to offer products that will enhance our lives and become the heirlooms of tomorrow. The result, is a unique, eclectic range from emerging designers and sought after brands, for those looking for something unusual and individual.
With a background in fashion design, styling and photography, founder Nicola Eslick has spent the last two decades on a long adventure travelling the world, exploring the quirky stores of Tokyo, the chicest boutiques of New York, and scouring the flea markets of Paris.

Starling Store’s Top 10 Best Sellers

  • 1) Mexican lights – A year round fav but very popular at this time of year
Pom Pom Garland
  • 2) Brass box - Fill with someones favourite sweets , great as a jewellery box
Glass Stand
  • 3) Heart Coasters -Such a cute gift for a tea lovers or for cocktails

3 (more…)



Real Families: A Boho Family Shoot – By Jon Cripwell Photography

real families-2

Hello to you all. I hope you are keeping all wrapped up and warm because it is so cold out there. The winter chill is definitely here. Today we have this very summery Boho Family Shoot to share with you today courtesy of Jon Cripwell Photography. It is such a beautiful shoot and Elsie looks so happy!

Boho Family Photography Boho Family Photography Boho Family Photography

A few words from Jon……

I’d previously photographed Cara and John’s wedding last year, and we stayed friends through Facebook so I was aware of the arrival of little Elsie. Cara’s Dad had offered to buy her a family shoot for Elsie’s naming day – unfortunately things didn’t quite work out for that date so we organised a little lifestyle shoot. Cara bought some flower crowns from a florist and made the tipi herself, with some help from John’s mum. Then the heavens opened and we had to postpone! We tried again a couple of weeks later, this time with Cara making the crowns as well as everything else, and third time lucky we had perfect weather and some lovely end-of-summer sun.
The tipi shots were taken in Cara and John’s back garden before we headed to Sherwood Pines which is a favourite place for Cara and John. Elsie played to the camera brilliantly and was perfectly well behaved all the way through. I’m looking forward to working with them again! (more…)



Recipe Love: Date and Walnut Cookies

recipe love

I love writing posts for Boho Life on a Monday. I love food and good recipes and I love sharing them all with you. Today I am pleased to have Myriam Perez from Bizcocho Pastries. Last time Myriam was on A boho Life she kindly shared with us her Apple and Cinnamon Muffins. Today she is sharing with us Date and Walnut Cookies and my gosh these look absolutely amazing.

Date and Walnut Cookies

Biscuit Recipes


  • 250g Pitted dates
  • 100g Walnuts
  • 2 ¼ cups self raising flour
  • ½ cup warm water
  • ½ cup milk
  • ½ cup melted butter
  • ¼ tsp salt
Recipe Ideas


Step 1) Cover the dates in boiling water and let them rest for 20 minutes.

Date recipe ideas (more…)



Boho’s Top 10 Pins of The Month – November

Last month I introduced you to a new feature; ‘Boho’s Top 10 Pins of the Month’. I LOVE Pinterest! I mean really love it! With over 90,000 followers and counting  it is the social media platform that drives more traffic to my blog than any other by a long way! I currently have 198 different boards ranging from weddings to food, to interiors to animals and everything in-between.

Each month both myself and my gorgeous side kick Kelly C will be sharing with you our top 10 Pins from the month! So you can get to know us a little better and hopefully send a little lifestyle inspiration your way!

I hope you like the feature an if you want to follow me on pinterest you can find me HERE 


Pinterest Kelly H


  • Savannah Lowery by MK Ssadler. I have always loved the ballet, when I was a little girl I wanted to be a ballet dancer, this imagine is just divine. (Pin HERE – original source HERE)
  • Where Is My Mind] Untitled 001, photography by Andrea Costantini. I just love this image, I am loving  a bit of double exposure at the moment and this takes it to the next level. (Pin HERE – Original Source HERE)

c72fed07617a2123d93dcada04140820 (more…)



Real Travel: Europe (Part 2) Springtime in Paris

real travel

Hello everyone Kelly C Here, it’s Thursday already how can that be? How are you all today? I hope you are all getting excited about Christmas. I have seen so many Christmas decorations around and I am getting excited about buying the last of Fearne’s presents to send to Santa Claus. Such a great time of the year.

Today on the blog we have brought Rebecca back to continue her Europe posts. Last week she shared part 1 Brugge and this week she shares with us her images of Paris for part 2. This is the time of year where Paul and I start to think about holidays and visiting cities for a break in the New Year. We have been thinking of going to Paris a lot recently. We did visit about 10 years ago but didn’t really take in the sights as we were only there for a day. Looking through these images have definitely made me want to visit this stunning city so much more.

Europe Part 2 – Paris

Paris Paris Paris

I’ll pass you over to Rebecca…….

The second leg of our rather epic week away after Brugge was Paris. We got up early to get the first Eurostar from Ashford and arrived in Paris just over 2 hours later at 9.30. We were both still blown away by how quickly you can get places on these trains! Anyways, we hopped on the Metro straight down to the Norte Dame, we’d both wanted to climb it and so thought we’d hit the queue early(-ish). I was quickly distracted by architecture and the quirky streets. When we got to the top of the tower the view was superb, panoramic views from the Sacre Couer across to the Eiffel Tower and beyond. There was a rather wonderful haze across the city which added some lovely texture to the images! I was as fascinated by the architecture up the tower as I was waiting to get up there. I love the roof tops, wondering what lives lie beneath them, what secrets and stories they could tell, if only the could utter them! (more…)



10 of my Favourite Snow and Pram Suits

Snow and Pram Suits

As you may have noticed it’s cold outside, November has seen an end to the wonderful summer we had and now we have dark nights and cold days ahead of us! However just because it’s cold it doesnt mean that we can’t be stylish. I have been looking for a new super stylish coat for a while (still looking) but then that made me think of Dexter, what do babies wear in the cold weather, after all they still need long walks and plenty of fresh air! The answer it seems is a snow suit, but after extensive research I came to realise that choosing a snow suit wasn’t as easy as I first thought!

Firstly Nik and I have quite exacting tastes. Neither of us have really gone for the traditional ‘boy’ colours so far. We dressed Dexter in brightly coloured baby grows from day one, I don’t think he ever saw a spot of baby blue. Now he is in big boy cloths he hardly ever wearsblue or navy, instead we have opted for green, brown, white and mustard as hs main key colours. So when we started to look for a snow suit we realised that trying to find a boys snow suit that wasn’t blue, navy,  or covered in cute patterns or characters wasn’t going to be easy.

So today I am sharing with you my top 10 favourites from my search.


This is the one we chose for Dexter. He already has a fluffy brown duffle coat from Boden, so it kind of matches that.


morthcare brown fluffy 2

Mothercare – £32

Gap 1

GAP – £34.95

John lewis 1

John Lewis – £28.00 (more…)