My Birth Story – A Personal Post and a Promise to my Baby Boy.

My Birth Story - A Personal Post and Promise to my Baby Boy.

Last week over on Boho Weddings I shared with you a selection of photos from my first 2 weeks and 3 days with baby Dexter. So many of you left lovely comments across the blog social media, and I thank each and every one of you. Your warm wishes are very much appreciated.

Dexter is now 3 weeks and 3 days old and has already stolen my heart. The last few weeks and days have been totally amazing and I have loved every minute of it……….yes there have been emotional days that everyone warned me about (day 5 stands out for me!) but those are  a distant memory as my little man just fills me with so much joy every time I look at him. Even those 3am feeds are a happy occasion as I get to wake up and give him cuddles and smother him with love!………..I am well and truly in my own little baby bubble!

As I mentioned in my Boho weddings post, the birth didn’t exactly go to plan, but to be honest I don’t know many people’s who’s did!
As my due date came closer, I imaged each day being the day that he arrived, dream scenarios of me having my fake tan done, make up on, my contractions starting once I’d had a good meal so I wasn’t hungry. Ideas of staying at home for as long as possible so I was labouring in my own 4 walls, I even had films lined up to watch in the early stages of labour to take my mind off the pain (Greece, Dirty Dancing and The Great Gatsby if your interested) With weeks of hynobirth training behind me I was ready and eager to carry out as much of a natural birth as I could……….this however was not the reality!

After having my spleen out when I was 18, due to a rare blood disorder, I was under close observation through the whole of my pregnancy, add-on the fact that I am 42 and it was an IVF baby which meant I had monthly appointments with two consultants, as well as my regular hematologist. I have to admit at times I just wished for a normal pregnancy where I wasn’t treated any differently and could just get on with it! Luckey though even with my low blood count, I had a pretty normal and regular pregnancy. Yes the backache was bad, the trapped nerves and the swollen feet, calves and knees were pretty rubbish but over all I did pretty well. I manged not to over eat, which also meant I only put on just under 2 stone, so all in all it was pretty straight forward.

As much as I wanted a water birth, I was told mid pregnancy that due to my blood condition I would have to have a consultant led birth, which meant that I would be rigged up to the monitors to keep an eye on mine and the babies development, something I really fought against, but in the end I decided that if the experts didn’t think a water birth was wise then maybe I should just do as they say.

All was good with the pregnancy until my due date. I had a standard check up with one of my consultants booked in for the morning of my due date, (18th June) just to see how I was getting on. As it turned out this appointment brought up the fact that I and developed preeclampsia, so it was at this point I was told I had to stay in hospital until the baby was born……….Not ideal! Luckely Nik was with me and he was an absolute angel, he really looked after me and still is over 3 weeks later! I was taken up to a ward and then the whole birthing process started.

1 My Birth Story 2 My Birth Story

After a standard examination the induction process was started, they wanted to get the baby out as soon as possible due to my preeclampsia. Pretty much as soon as they carried out the induction and rigged me up to the monitor I could feel the contractions starting straight away, they were pretty light to start with, but none the less they were there. Nik went home to pick up my hospital bag, and by the time he had come back they were pretty strong and pretty frequent. I was moved into a private room and from there time seemed to speed past.

I’m not going to g into the whole ins and outs, but I will say that the next few hours had its highs and lows! After a very scary moment when we lost the babies heart beat and lots of doctors and midwives rushed around looking very panicked, Nik looked scared and I cried, I was prepped for theatre. Lucky the heart beat came back, but from there was taken to the labour room. I started off trying to crack jokes to keep the mood light, I put on my Ben Howard CD, followed by my birthing playlist……….I carried out my hypnobirthing techniques to stay calm and relaxed, but after hours and hours of contracting I have to say I was tired, hungry and a bit emotional.
At this point it was 4am and after another examination still only 1cm dilated. How could this be so? I had been working so hard?? the contractions were strong (and painful) yet I still wasn’t getting anywhere. With 2 midwives literally sat next to the monitor keeping a very close eye on the babies heartbeat, and with a few more scares when it dropped the doctors decided that it best to carry out a C section and get the baby out.

4 My Birth Story

I have to admit that before I went into labour the last thing I ever wanted was a c section, it was probably the last option on my birth plan………however after hours and hours in labour and desperate to meet my little boy and know that he was healthy and all in one piece, I just wanted them to get him out! So a C section it was!

By this point I was so tired so my memory is a bit fuzzy, I remember going into theatre, and being prepped for the operation, lots of very serious stuff being told to me, (of which I can remember nothing) but before I knew it there was a big blue screen between me and the doctors and within minutes my baby was out!

I can’t to tell you how relieved I was to see him. When they placed Dexter next to my head for me to see him for the first time I really couldn’t be happier. He was all in one piece and was happy and healthy, what more could a mother wish for!?!

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Real Homes: Before and After – My Office

Real Homes

Over the last couple of months my house has gone trough somewhat of a transformation. We have pretty much changed every room apart from the bedroom, with every room having a paint job done, new furniture, new accessories and generally a good old spizz! (More of this to come in future weeks on the blog). With the arrival of baby Hood, we had to do a bit of switching over of rooms upstairs. My office (which used to be the spare room) became the nursery and Nik’s old office/dumping ground has now become my office.

I talked about the design and decoration ideas behind my new office HERE and I’m pretty pleased with the finished results. We had to move my rather spacious office into a much smaller space to make room for the baby, and I did this by having a massive clear out and de-clutter! I looked at colours to make the office seem roomier and decided on brilliant white to give the illusion of space. Taking inspiration from my year planner I then decided on yellow, pink and turquoise for added colour and the results are this rather bright, light work space.

Admittedly there isn’t as much room as before but to be honest it isn’t as much of a problem as I thought it would be! I love my new office, it is light, bright and a fun space to work in.

1 Before and After – My Office 2 Before and After – My Office

The room was originally decorated 7 years ago when we first moved in, and as you can see was a bit of a mess! First of all it was my office, until I moved into the spare room 2-3 years ago, it then became Nik’s office/dumping ground. It had all manners of rubbish in it and definitely became a little worse for wear!

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Real Travel: The Highlands of Scotland

real travel

Welcome to another edition of Real Travel, last time Rahul from F5 Photography took us to India to experience some of the amazing sights. Today we are heading up to the highlands of Scotland with Gavin from Gavin Foster Photography. Sometimes holidays within the UK can be forgotten about, as we all head off to chase the sunshine. However this country is so beautiful and full of some amazing countryside and views, so it is lovely to be able to post a travel edition from our own green and pleasant land. I’m sure you will agree Gavin has captured the scenery perfectly and these images really show off what fabulous countryside we have here in the UK. 

1 The Highlands of Scotland 2 The Highlands of Scotland 3 The Highlands of Scotland

When you hear the word ‘highlands’ do you see an image of Mel Gibson with a blue face? Or that toffee with the cow on that used to stick to the roof of your mouth? For me the enigma of the wilds of the north have always seemed so very far away. We now live back in Northumberland but even still….it’s a long way to all the way up there.

Having done the holidays abroad to Morocco, Norway and Ireland in the last couple of years we had the chance to glamp it up in the beautiful village of applecross. How could we say no!
Located north of Oban you would think that the easiest way to get there is through Glasgow, well actually no, by going up the A9 to Inverness you can minimise the number of ‘hairy roads’ on route. The 6 hour drive from Newcastle was a tough one and crazy in places from Loch Carron over the tops. But when pulling in to the village it was all worth while.
The camp site is on a cracking location with the village pub only a 5min walk down the hill. Serving classic country fayre and some awesome hand pull ales, what more could you want of an evening. (more…)



Diary of a Boho Baby – Sallyann (22 Weeks) ‘Today I will be Mostly Wearing My Maternity Wardrobe’

Diary of a Boho Baby - SallyAnn

Today I’d like to welcome back Sallyann to the blog.  Sallyann is with Pete and they have a daughter called Gracie-May and a baby bump. She was first introduced to the blog a few weeks ago with her first diary post when she was 13 weeks pregnant, we then caught up with her a few weeks ago when she was 18 weeks.

Today Sallyann at 22 weeks is here to talk to you about her maternity wardrobe. I have to admit I have been a bit crap when it comes to maternity clothes, I bought myself a pair of maternity jeans and that has been it. If I could go back I would definitely invest in a few more pieces, as trying to cope with a pir of jeans, a pair of jogging bottoms and a couple of maxi dresses hasn’t been easy. Luckely because I work from home a lot of my time has been spent in my PJs! I have tops in my wardrobe that I have worn to death, that I now want to burn as soon as the baby arrives as I can’t bear the thought of wearing them any more! So ladies my advice is invest in a few key maternity items to make your wardrobe more fun!


I’ll pass you over to Sallyann…….

Yes the day has finally come maternity wardrobe all the way. I have resisted so far with only the introduction of maternity jeans (my waist line went in the first few weeks) as my faithful skinnys would no longer meet in the middle.
However, I have almost overnight had to totally relook at my wardrobe, this is not easy on the bank balance as you can well imagine. This issue too, is not totally understood by my boyfriend, he just sees it as yet another excuse to shop!! But there is only a certain amount of time I can get away with work dresses. That seems to get shorter by the day and with summer hopefully on the way there is only a certain amount of time I can continue wearing opaque tights!!

But if you are a fashionista don’t despair there is so much choice out there and even new shops that you will only find out about once you are pregnant. Imagine that, new exclusive places to shop!! There is no excuse for us Yummy Mummies to be filling our wardrobes with comfy legging and baggy tops. Embrace and show off your new curves.

Don’t panic! If budget is a problem as most of your high street favourites now offer a maternity collection. My favourites are New Look and Top Shop due to cost and their collection mirrors trends in their main range. However this Spring saw a new major contender, Primark brought out their first maternity range and not surprisingly it is flying off the coat hangers. Below are just a few of my favourite items on the high street at the moment.

Maternity Wardrobe (more…)



Real Homes: Before and After – 4 Bed Victorian House, The Lounge and Dinning Room

Real Homes

Today we are back with Ruth and the fantastic renovation project of her 4 bed Victorian house. So far Ruth has shown us round her Blue bedroomher stunning Kitchen and last time her gorgeous Bathroom……All very impressive! Today it is the turn of the rather splendid open plan lounge and dining room. This is a great space and somewhere that I can imagine is great for entertaining! Personally I love open plan houses, the whole downstairs in my house is open plan, not ideal in the winter but it’s great for creating space and wonderful for having friends round! Ruth has done a wonderful job on this room, I just love it! 

The open plan Lounge and Dining Room Before and After

8 Lounge and Dining Room Before and After KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Background on the house itself…

When we first viewed what is now our home, we fell in love with its original Victorian features, huge rooms and high ceilings. It needed some love and attention as well as work in every room so we purchased this, our first house, in July of 2011 and decided to take it room by room doing everything we possibly could ourselves! Mike even did a plastering course before we moved in so he was then able to plaster every room which probably saved us a small fortune!

The open plan Lounge and Dining Room

We spent around three months doing this space up. Mike plastered all the walls and ceilings. He ripped out the laminate flooring and laid darker wood flooring down to keep with the look and period of the house. We purchased new radiators and my Mum and Dad bought us a wood burner that Christmas which works perfectly in the open brick area in the dining room.

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Glastonbury Festival………..What’s It Really About!

Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival; possibly the best, most famous festival in the whole wold, it certainly brings with it a huge reputation! The festival coverage officially starts tomorrow, but the festival itself is already well on it’s way with festival goers flocking to the site since Tuesday and Wednesday. However if you want to catch up with coverage across the TV and internet then tomorrow is the day to tune in. To celebrate this amazing festival I have enlisted my good friend Shelly to tell you all about her experience with some amazing photos she took from last years event. I may not be going myself this year but I will be glued to my TV and computer screen keeping up with all the coverage and enjoying it from the comfort of my warm, dry sofa!


I’ll pass you over to Shelly………….

No-one can tell you about Glastonbury……………………They can try. And they ‘will’ try. But they won’t succeed. Because there are so many words to describe this crazy little patch of Somerset madness, that try as they might, it is just too mind blowing to comprehend.
We could use words like eccentric, off-kilter, humorous, wild… but none of these will do it justice. Glastonbury Festival is a different creature. A creature that is so wonderfully varied, eclectic and ever-changing that it is hard to describe it someone who hasn’t experienced it.

Glastonbury 2013 by Toast of Leeds Glastonbury 2013 by Toast of Leeds Glastonbury 2013 by Toast of Leeds

And to all those people who have done Reading or Leeds Fest or one of those other music based events, Glasto is nothing like them. Because no other festival in the world could compare to the Eaves collective on Worthy Farm (although I hear Coachella is doing its’ utmost to capture the free spirit of Glasto but hey, there’s no cider there!).
You can tell people that Glastonbury is a magical, crazy bubble where everyone is happy and so pleased to be there… even when it’s bucketing down with rain and it takes three hours to walk across the site cos your wellies keep getting stuck in the mud. You can tell people that you spent an entire afternoon being accosted by overweight ballerinas who force fed you cheese and onion crisps, old fashioned policemen on stilts, burlesque girls, robots, and grannies on motorised trollies… but they’ll never understand… well, not til they experience it for themselves. (more…)