Recipe Love: 6 Ideas for Tasty Healthy Easy Dinners (Part 3 Roast Chicken and Roasted Vegetables )

recipe love

Today we are back with our 6 part series on healthy eating. I have invited Becky back to the blog to talk to you all about healthy dinners. Becky has already been on the blog talking about healthy breakfasts and healthy lunches. So far in this dinner series she has looked at Green Smoothies and Frittata.

This weeks healthy dinner is Roast Chicken and Roasted Vegetables, A simple dinner to put together but full of flavour and a healthier version to the Sunday lunch.

I’ll pass you over to Becky……….


Roast Chicken and Roasted Vegetables

This dish is minimum effort, but you do need a few hours cooking time, so it might not be an option for you when you don’t get home until 7 or 8.

roast chicken roasted vegtables

Ingredients:  (for 4)

  • Whole Medium sized chicken – preferably organic or free range. If these stretch your budget too much, look out for the RSPCA Freedom Food chickens, which are very good and available in all good supermarkets.
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Shallots/ or red onion/ or leeks
  • Parsnip
  • Garlic Cloves (about 6 small)
  • Choose volume of vegetables to suit your family.  Filling up on vegetables will mean the chicken will stretch further.




Diary of a Boho Baby: Jo and Nick – Just The Two Of Us (25 weeks)


Today we welcome back Jo and Nick to the blog. We met up with Jo and Nick a few weeks ago as I introduced them to you as one of the new Boho baby couples. At that point Jo was 20 weeks pregant, well 5 weeks have passed and after their last holiday as a twosome, the couple have been evaluating how much their lives will chanage once the baby arrives.


I’ll pass you over to Jo and Nick………..

Jo: 25 weeks later and we are in the full swing of this pregnancy lark. We have had the 20 week scan (no finding out pink or blue until d-day!), I am regularly an emotional wreck, my bump appears to be growing by the hour and I have the sweetest of sweet tooth ever known. But I have to say that pregnancy is great (most of the time!) and I am loving my bump and the thought that I always have company with me. I’m regularly being told that I am “glowing”, but I think this is more to do with my post-holiday tan than anything else! Which leads us on to the blog title; just the two of us. When we found out we were pregnant we had a long talk about what we wanted to do for our last holiday as a twosome. As I work in a secondary school we knew we would have to go away in August time which, as it happened, would fit perfectly and we decided to go away when I was 22 weeks. We had a mammoth adventure on a Mediterranean cruise for our honeymoon last year and so this year was time for something of a bit gentler pace.

Nick: I have family over in Torrevieja, which is a 40 minute drive from Alicante in Spain, and there is always a chance of a villa going spare in the summer. So we packed our bags and headed over in the last week of the summer holidays. It was fantastic to see my family over in Spain as we don’t get to see them often enough, and as always they spoilt us rotten. It was great to be able to talk to new people about having a baby, I guess that will never grow old. Like Jo said thought the main point of the holiday was to spend our last holiday together as a family of two. The villa we stayed in was top quality for this, and having your own private pool is a luxury I wish we had the weather (and the money) for back home.

Jo and Nik Holiday
Jo: We had the most blissful week of doing almost next to nothing. We read, played tennis in the pool, got on board with the loom band craze, and then headed out every evening for a stroll and dinner. We talked a lot about what life will be like when baby arrives. Will we be able to do this? Will we be able to get a minutes rest without worrying that baby will toddle over in the pool, trip down a stair, scream blue murder in a restaurant, or get ill and we won’t be able to get the right medicine? All that alongside 35c heat which neither Nick or I cope particularly well in at the best of times! And then what about at home? What about our “normal” lives when we’re not on holiday? We love our time together. As I work Monday to Friday and Nick works most weekends it is a luxury for us to spend quality time together and something we always try to make the most of. Don’t get me wrong, I know this will change and I am more than excited about what’s ahead of us but it is the not quite knowing how that is definitely getting to me! (more…)



Recipe Love: 6 Ideas for Tasty Healthy Easy Dinners (Part 2 Frittata)

recipe love

Today we are back with our 6 part series on healthy eating. I have invited Becky back to the blog to talk to you all about healthy dinners. Becky has already been on the blog talking about healthy breakfasts and healthy lunches and last week it was all about the Green smoothie.

This weeks healthy dinner is a Frittata, a recipe Becky loves! It is incredibly versatile and can be cooked to anyones tastes.

I’ll pass you over to Becky……….



I just love Frittata!  You can add whatever you have in, left over vegetables, ham, bacon bits, smoked salmon, or choose your favourite combination of ingredients.  It always tastes delicious, can be cooked immediately prior to eating, or in advance if that suits you better, and leftovers are tasty too!  This recipe can suit meat eaters and vegetarian, but not vegan as I use eggs. However you can use egg replacer, or tofu to replace the eggs.  There are lots of vegan recipes for frittata on the web – just search until one looks appetising to you.



  • 6-10 eggs
  • Onion sliced finely into half-moon shapes
  • Garlic – chopped
  • An assortment of Vegetables, sliced finely – consider pepper, carrots, green beans, spinach, mushrooms, turnip,  courgette…
  • Sweet potato/potato – chopped into rounds
  • Spices: seasoning, mustard powder
  • Olive Oil


  • grated/crumbled cheese (cheddar, goat cheese, feta are all good)
  • Smoked salmon or trout
  • Ham or bacon
  • Fresh Herbs
  • Milk




Saying Goodbye to a Pet – Loosing Dee

Saying Goodbye to a Pet

‘Approach with caution & treat with care’


As a pet owner, you are always aware of your animal’s mortality, you know they won’t live as long as us, however nothing can really prepare you for the day they leave you.

Many of you will know my cat Dee as I post numerous photos of her around the internet. I got Dee when she was 8 weeks old, and she has been my dear friend and companion for the past 16 and half years. Last Thursday, 4th September, I had to say goodbye to her, and it was the saddest day of my life.

Luckily I have never had to face real grief before. My mum and dad are still with me, I have no brothers or sisters, and my friends are all in good health, so losing Dee was really my first experience of losing someone so close to me. Yes I have had pets in the past but these have always really been my mum’s animals and as much as I was upset when they died, losing Dee was a lot more personal.

Dee a kitten

(Dee as a kitten 16 years ago)

For most of her long life Dee had been in great health, just the yearly trip to the vets to get her booster. However, a year or so ago she gained a thyroid problem. She had lost a lot of weight and we found out this was the cause. With tablets, the problem seemed to be sorted. Then came the kidney problem which we kept monitoring and the trips to the vets became more frequent. When Dexter came along Dee wasn’t herself. At first she was scared of Dexter and seemed to keep her distance from us more than normal. A few weeks went by and I was convinced she had become depressed and out of sorts. Her breathing became very strained so I took her to the vets. It turned out she had a heart disease. She was kept in as a matter of life or death but luckily she pulled through. She returned home with a concoction of tablets for Nik and I to give her and over the next couple of weeks with, a lot of TLC and constant monitoring she seemed to perk up. Last Wednesday she was booked in for another heart scan to see how she had been getting on since her last scare. I took her at 9am with the intention of leaving her there for the day. However, I got a phone call from the vets at lunch time to say that they had found a problem with her lungs which meant they needed to keep her in. To say I was worried was an understatement but I knew she was in good hands.

The next morning I rang for an update and it seemed that Dee had had a good night and was responding to the treatment. A couple of hours later I got the phone call that no pet owner wants to receive. Some more tests had revealed a tumour in her heart and Dee had taken a turn for the worst. The vets informed me that she was increasingly poorly and was now in quite a bit of pain. With all the will in the world there wasn’t much more they could do for her so they advised I came in within the hour to say goodbye. (more…)



Real Families: Indi & Marley’s Naming Ceremony

real families

How many of you are christened? OK how many of you have christened your children or are planning to? It seems to me that less and less people are carrying out religious christenings these days, so what do you do if you still want to celebrate the birth of your child but don’t want to go down the formal route of having a religious ceremony. Well you have a naming ceremony!

I was delighted when I was sent in this gorgeous shoot from Erica from Mr & Mrs Unique as I have wanted to feature a naming ceremony for a while now and this one is just stunning. I have always said to Nik that I wanted a naming ceremony for Dexter even before he was born, at the moment we are just trying to decide where we hold it and to what sort of scale! This one was made even more special as Erica managed to call upon lots of her favorite suppliers that she knows though her wedding business. I hope you enjoy the photos it certainly reminds me of what a lovely summer we had and has certainly given me some ideas for my own naming ceremony.

1 2 3a

I’ll pass you over to Erica to tell you more about the day…….

The naming ceremony came about when my husband Lee and I wanted to do something special to celebrate the arrival of our two children Indi & Marley. We had discussed for a long while whether or not to get them christened and we just couldn’t come to a matching decision, so I put forward the idea of a naming ceremony. It was also going to be my daughter Marley’s first birthday; so a double celebration!
I had only been to one other naming ceremony and knew it was a relatively new idea… I wasn’t sure on what to do, what people expected or what was deemed normal to do at these types of events. So I decided I would just go with the flow, as long as the kids enjoyed themselves and we had the opportunity to thank our friends and family we had chosen as guardians then it would be a great day. (more…)



Decoration Inspiration – Frames Wallpaper From Graham & Brown

Decoration Inspiration - Frames Wallpaper

If you are currently undertaking a bit of home Decor, or DIY then I have the perfect thing for you, Frames Wallpaper from Graham and Brown. Graham & Brown are a leading decor design house and manufacture who have come up with this unique and stylish frames wallpaper. It looks fantastic as a statement wall, and doubles up as an art gallery for family photos, postcards and artwork  and  I just LOVE it!

Graham & Brown’s Frames wallpaper is a truly versatile design that begs for your input and creativity. It takes home décor to the next level, allowing even the least likely of artists to get involved. The wallpaper changes with the pictures you put up.

4 Frames Wallpaper From Graham & Brown

A quirky design which lets your imagination run wild, the Graham & Brown ‘Frames’ wallpaper is a fully customisable, interactive interface. Designed by Taylor & Wood, this wallpaper may look minimalist upfront, but it provides the perfect canvas for something much more exciting. Let the little ones go wild with crayons and paint, adorn your wall with family photos and memorable moments, or even paint your own designs.’

‘This gorgeous wallpaper gives you the option of creating a look and feel that is personal to you. How you decorate this design is completely up to you and that’s the beauty of this wallpaper. Instead of florals or stripes, you’ll have your very own mural to feature whatever or whoever you want. You can be as abstract as you like and unleash your inner artist. It’s often hard to find the balance between bold prints and simple subtle styles; ‘Frames’ gives you the best of both worlds.’  (more…)