Real Travel: An Alternative Guide to Valencia

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Last weeks Real Travel feature saw us stay within the UK as we looked at Northumberland and Bath, today we are getting off in search of some glorious sunshine to the Spanish city of Valencia. Laura Babb from Babb Photos, takes us on an alterative trip round this amazing Spanish city which is actually the third biggest in the whole of Spain after Madrid and Barcelona.


An Alternative Guide to Valencia

1 An Alternative Guide to Valencia from Babb Photos 2 An Alternative Guide to Valencia from Babb Photos

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Northumberland and Bath – Ideas for Family Breaks Vs a Weekend with the Girls

Northumberland & Bath - Family Breaks Vs a Weekend away

We look at lots of different travel destinations on the blog, and so far I have taken you all across the world looking at people’s recommendations on where to visit. Today however we are looking at places closer to home as we stay in UK, looking at Northumberland and Bath, courtesy of Lucy Oates-Dibnah from Boutique and Breakfast.  Lucy Oates-Dibnah counts herself extremely lucky to be able to visit wonderful places to stay in the course of her work. Here she recommends a great destination for a family break and the perfect choice for a weekend away with the girls…



I’ll pass you over to Lucy………

I recently discovered the magic of Northumberland and really fell for its rugged charm; endless, unspoilt beaches; and sleepy little villages. I visited with my husband, our little girl and our two dogs, and we can’t wait to return…

Stroll among the sand dunes at Bamburgh: This is the best way to get a close-up view of one of Northumberland’s most iconic sights – Bamburgh Castle. The recorded history of this sprawling fort, which occupies a lofty position on a rocky outcrop, dates back to 547, although much of what you see today was built in Victorian times. We picked up fish and chips at Seahouses and parked up close to the castle to enjoy an al fresco lunch with a view before heading out into the dunes and down onto the beach.

Northumberland - Bamburgh Castle Northumberland - Great for kids and dogs

Have a crab sandwich at Craster: This picture postcard village is actually the home of Northumberland’s famous kippers and, although you may want to pick up some of those too, the crab sandwiches at the Jolly Fisherman pub are the freshest I’ve ever tasted. When we visited, the skies were grey and moody, and enormous waves were crashing ominously beyond the tiny little harbour, but Craster’s beauty still shone through.

Drive down the coast from Warkworth to Amble: The drive from Warkworth (which has a stunning castle and is a lovely place to shop and lunch) is particularly picturesque as the road closely follows the course of the River Coquet towards the sea. Although we were not lucky enough to see them, it’s sometimes possible to spot seals.

Spend time at Druridge Bay Country Park: Located south of Amble, the park comprises three miles of beach – one of the most beautiful that I’ve seen – and sand dunes, alongside a large freshwater lake surrounded by woods and meadows. There’s a children’s play area and visitor centre, although the café was unfortunately closed when we were there. There are plenty of spots to enjoy a picnic and you could easily spend a full day there in warmer weather. As it was rather chilly when we visited, after a walk on the beach we continued down the coast to Widdrington, where we enjoyed delicious homemade cakes and hot chocolate at The Country Barn farm shop.

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Real Families: A Day in The Life of Baby Max by Babb Photo

real families

I love featuring family photography on the blog, especially when it is cute babies like Max who features in todays family shoot by Babb Photo. Since having my own baby I have found that I love looking at baby photos even more, I have a definite pull towards family photos, for that reason I am so glad that I started the real families feature on the blog, showing off great family photography in a natural and non posed way!
Having a photographer come to your home for a family shoot is a very personal thing, opposed to studio based work. However it results in a much more natural set of photos and often a much more relaxed baby. I am a big fan of this sort of un posed photography and just love featuring work of this kind on the blog.

When Laura from Babb Photos sent me in these gorgeous pictures I knew I had to share them with you. She was asked my Max’s mum to come and join them for the day and take some pictures of them as a family, just going about their day………the resulst are beautiful!

1 Baby Photography by Babb Photo 2 Baby Photography by Babb Photo

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Diary of a Boho Baby – Jo and Nick (20 weeks)

Diary of a Boho Baby – Jo and Nick

Today I am delighted to welcome a brand new couple to the Diary of a Boho Baby feature, Jo and Nick. For those of you who read Boho Weddings, you may remember Jo and Nick as they both wrote for my Diary of a Boho Bride feature last year. They were married last July and since then it seems they have been pretty busy creating a new human. I loved having them both on the Blog writing about their wedding plans, so when I found out they were pregnant I asked them if they would like to come and write about their baby plans, luckily they both said yes, so here they ae today. At 20 weeks things are getting exciting for them both.

View More: http://pauljosephphotography.pass.us/joplusnick

I’ll pass you over to Jo and Nick………..

Jo: After thoroughly enjoying blogging about our wedding over on Boho Weddings Nick and I jumped at the chance to write about our next adventure of expecting our first baby! It seems even more poignant to be writing this as we are preparing to celebrate our first wedding anniversary on July 27th. Yes, we are that couple who are the reason why all newly-weds get bombarded with the question “when are you having a baby?”. We are definitely fitting every stereotype in the book by becoming pregnant only a few months after being married….but that makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

Nick: Children have always been a topic of conversation for me and Jo since the very early days of our relationship. Fortunately we both knew very early on that we wanted children to play a huge part in our lives. I would have happily have had babies years ago but we waited and now I think we feel as ready as we’ll ever be to bring one into the world and hopefully do the best job we can in being parents. We can both still vividly remember the conversation we had (in the car on the way back from the supermarket ) when we decided, right that’s it…let’s have a baby!

Jo: And that, for me, is the scariest bit. We didn’t have to ask anyone, we didn’t have to pass a test, we didn’t have to prove that we have the space, the time or the financial security to cope with a child; we are just allowed to make a new person!

After a scary time early on in the pregnancy, we had a scan at 7 weeks to check everything was OK and, aside from it being the most awful few days I have ever experienced, when I saw the tiny little bean I got the most overwhelming rush of relief, happiness and terror all in one go. Relief that everything was ok and I hadn’t miscarried like a doctor in A&E had told us I had, happiness that it was actually happening, and terror that I now have the responsibility of carrying this little bubba for 8 more months and making sure both it and I stay safe and healthy.  (more…)



Drink Review: Rivani – Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco from Roberson Wine

Drink Review - Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco

As a blogger one of the perks of the job is getting sent stuff to review. Sometimes its books, or restaurants to review and sometimes it ia alcohol!

A few months ago I was approached by independent wine seller Roberson Wine to review a bottle of my choice. At the time I was pregnant so I was unable to drink the bottle I had chosen, but a couple of weeks ago once Dexter had been born I was able to enjoy the bottle with friends, so today I am here to tell you about it.

Like most women I know I have a bit of a love for Prosecco, fast becoming the fizz of choice these days, prosecco seems to have over taken Cava and Champagne, due to its great rounded taste as well as it’s affordability! So it seemed only natural that Roberson Wine send me a bottle of my favourite fizz to taste.


The bottle they sent me was a bottle of Rivani Conegliano Valdobbiadene priced at £9.95

Conegliano Valdobbiadene

The website descibes Rivani as ‘A fully spumante non-vintage Prosecco that is produced in the premium Valdobbiadene area and is in an extra-brut style. Dry, refreshing, crisp and harmonious, it offers wonderful value for money and is perfect as an aperitif.’

Nik and I shared the bottle with friends and we all really enjoyed it. I have quite a sweet tooth and normally go for medium wines, so must admit I found it slightly drier than I would normally choose, however it does say extra dry on the label! Overall we agreed that it was very light, fruity, drinkable and very refreshing. Would I buy it myself, yes I would! Thanks again to Roberson Wine and Cheers! (more…)



Work, Life, Baby……..Can We Really Have It All?

Work, Life, Baby

As women we are often told that in this modern society we live in, having it all is now possible. The dream Job, The dream man, the dream family……yes the dream life. However I am here today to discuss the fact and question if we really can have it all.

Dexter is now 6 weeks old and I go back to work in exactly 4 week time, if I’m totally honest with you I wish I had longer. Being self-employed is never going to be easy when you are bringing up children, and I knew this when I got pregnant. I love my work and I am incredibly proud of how I have built up my business over the last 5 years. However I was never ever prepared for just how much Dexter would steal my heart.


I’m not going to lie to you, I wish I could take much longer off to spend with him properly, everyone tells me how quickly they grow up and it seems to be true, he has changed so much in the last few weeks, I can only imagine this will carry on and his development will get even quicker. As much as I am totally career minded and Boho weddings and now A Boho Life has been my baby for the past few years, now this little baby of mine is all I can think about.
I have begun to feel jealous of other women with normal 9-5 jobs who have the standard 9 months off, who have left their jobs in the hands of someone else and haven’t had to think about work since their baby was born.
I’m not saying I never want to go back to work, I guess I just wish the 3 months I allowed myself was longer!

Before I had Dexter I had this rose tinted view that my maternity leave would be spent backing cakes, going for long walks, honing my photography skills, doing all those things I never had time for before I had him, after all I had 3 months off.
The actual reality of this has been pretty different. From Dexter being 1 week old I was back at my desk answering emails. Yes I have employed someone to cover my work while I am off, however my working day used to be 70 hours a week and Bran is only covering 20 hours a week…….so you see there is still much for me to do. As much as I have streamlined both blogs while I have been off to bring down the work load, there is still much admin for me to do, submissions to take in and organise, social media to stay on top of, endless emails……general stuff that only I can do that keeps the business ticking over.
Because of this I have felt that my maternity leave so far has been spent in a constant juggling act….while at the same time a massive guilt trip!

Dexter-37 (more…)