Happy Halloween!

happy halloween

For many years I have never celebrated Halloween, But this year is different. Now we have Dexter every holiday, celebration or anything worth remembering in the calendar has suddenly become a much bigger deal! I have been forced to stop and take stock of what is going on around me instead of being locked in my office 6 days week. So this evening the Hood household will be donning our costumes and masks and having a Happy Halloween celebration. Granted Dexter is only 4 months so doesn’t actually have any idea what is going on, but never the less we are going to get into the spirit of it all. I am already looking forward to next year, when he is bigger when I can throw a full on Halloween party. However I’m not wishing the time away tonight we ar going to make the most of how small and cute he is and have a lovely evening with family.

2 baby in pumpkin outfit 1 baby in pumpkin outfit


So Happy Halloween everyone! 

Kelly, Nik and Dexter! 




Real Travel: Panama

real travel

Today’s real travel post is today from myself and my husband Paul. Alongside helping Kelly at Boho Weddings I am very lucky to run a wedding photography business Paul Joseph Photography alongside my husband Paul. We were very fortunate to be flown out to Panama back in March to shoot a wedding there. In our spare time we took as many pictures as possible and I am here to share them with you for today’s real travel, Panama


Paul Joseph Photography in Panama Paul Joseph Photography in Panama Paul Joseph Photography in Panama

This amazing place is steeped in so much history. One minute you are in the bright lights of the city the next minute you are in the ruins looking at decaying buildings and repair work.

Paul Joseph Photography in Panama

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Real Work: What I Used to do – Debbie Carlisle From Journalist to Bridal Designer

Real Work

Today on the blog we are back with our feature ‘Real Work: What I used to do’. Last time we spoke with the lovely Claire Kemp about her journey from Architecture to Cake designer. Today I am very happy to introduce you to Debbie Carlisle of DC Bouquets.

Debbie is a very good friend of mine, we both started our business at around the same time and it has been wonderful to watch how her business has grown over the past 5 years. I have featured Debbie over on Boho Weddings a number of times and am a big fan of her work! She really is at the top of her game in the wedding world and a hugely talented lady!  I find her story of what she used to do to what she does now fascinating and I’m sure you will to!

I’ll pass you over to Debbie…………..

What I Used to do - Journalist to Bridal Designer

What I used to do

I worked for Sheffield’s main newspaper, The Star, as a journalist for 14 years before I decided to change careers for good just over three years ago. The job involved a lot of early starts and I would never know from one day to the next where I would be – I kept a toothbrush and a pair of hiking boots permanently in my car as you never knew where you might get sent and for how long!

I covered so many different stories, from tragic deaths to much happier events like Diamond wedding anniversaries – the huge variety was one of the main reasons I loved being a journalist.

The most interesting times were in the early years before the internet was the news-generator is today – in those days The Star was an evening newspaper and when a major news story broke after the national newspapers had gone to press in the morning we would be one of the first papers to break the news. This meant that I worked on breaking news stories including the 9/11 Twin Towers attack, The Gulf War, and the Jill Dando murder.

Thankfully life wasn’t all tragedy – in my time as a journalist I also got to fly a plane, spend the night in a ‘haunted’ pub (nothing spooky actually happened) and travel to lots of unusual places. My assignments included scuba diving with a Tiger Shark in the Red Sea, trekking through a jungle in Borneo, crawling around inside an abandoned spy station in Latvia and training with the US Army, which included a memorable, and rather frightening, Apocalypse Now style-helicopter flight! I reviewed hundreds of concerts (I had a special pass which gave me free access to one of Sheffield’s best music venues whenever I wanted) and I was lucky enough to see The Arctic Monkeys perform in a tiny Sheffield venue before they were famous!

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Real Families – Newborn Photography by J Broughton Photography

real families-2

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! Today we have some beautiful family pictures courtesy of Janet from Janet Broughton. Baby Lottie was only 1 week old when these pictures were taken! Have you seen how proud her big sister is? So precious. I will pass the blog onto Janet to tell you a little more about this Family Shoot.


I launched my business almost two and half years ago and in the beginning I photographed exclusively newborns using cute hats and backdrops and lovely curled up poses. As time progressed my business evolved so that I was also working outdoors a lot photographing horses and families and I came to realise that the newborns didn’t really fit my photographic style and I was in danger of becoming stale.


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My Favourite Halloween Food Ideas

Halloween Food Ideas

As you know it is Halloween on Friday. For the first time ever I am excited! I know Dexter is way to young to understand what is going on but never the less we have decided to celebrate it anyway and are having a little Halloween party for him and his cousin Ted. So far I have bought him a pumpkin outfit and not much else, the rest is getting sorted this week! I have however been looking at Halloween food recipes and the internet is inundated with some rather fabulous ideas. So today I have decided to share my favorites with you and hopefully give you some inspiration for your own Halloween celebrations.

Last year over on Boho Weddings I put together this Halloween food board, which I thought I would share with you again today.

Halloween Food

Photo Source: Monster cup cakes / Spider cake / Cat cookies with milk / Pumpkin punch  / Witches hat cookies / RIP cookies / Green eye cookies / Ghosts / Ghosts meringue  / Cobweb cheesecake / Cheese Ball Pumpkin / Cupcake witches hat


From this Board I have decided to make these Monster Eye Cookies. Thanks to Lil Luna for the recipe 




  • 1 Yellow Cake Mix Box
  • 1/2 cup butter softened
  • 1/2 tsp. vanilla
  • 1 8 oz. bar cream cheese softened
  • 1 egg
  • green food coloring
  • powdered sugar
  • candy eyeballs


STEP 1) Beat butter, vanilla, egg and cream cheese until fluffy.

STEP 2) Mix in cake mix. Add green food coloring until it’s the color you want. I used neon green. Chill for 30 minutes.

STEP 3) Roll into balls and dip in a bowl of powdered sugar.

STEP 4) Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes. While warm push eye balls into the center or all over the cookie.

  • I found the candy eyeballs HERE 


Here are a few more fabulously frightening Halloween recipes for you to try this Friday. (You can see my full Halloween Pinterest board HERE )

Rice Crispy Pumpkins – (Recipe HERE

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Boho’s Top 10 Pins of The Month

Today I would like to share with you a new feature; ‘Boho’s Top 10 Pins of the Month’. As many of you will know I LOVE Pinterest! I mean really love it! With over 71,000 followers it is the social media platform that drives more traffic to my blog than any other by a long way! I currently have 198 different boards ranging from weddings to food, to interiors to animals and everything in-between.

Each month both myself and my gorgeous side kick Kelly will be sharing with you our top 10 Pins from the month! So you can get to know us a little better and hopefully send a little lifestyle inspiration your way!

I hope you like the feature an if you want to follow me on pinterest you can find me HERE 

Pinterest Kelly H


  • As you probably know I LOVE cats, just love them, so this little cartoon really made me smile (Pin HERE – Original Source HERE )


  • I also LOVE cake, and I have pinned a lot of cake this month ut this one really stood out, it just looks so simple yet totally delicious! (Pin HERE – Original Source HERE)